Your Guide to Beer Keg Sizes

Like beer fridges or kegerators, beer kegs also come in many different sizes and shapes. If you’ve decided to install a kegerator in your space, you may be considering various options.

Different beer keg sizes have different purposes and can be used for different purposes to maximize your beer enjoyment. Let us help you to understand the difference of beer kegs sizes that you may need for your DIY kegerator that are available on the market today.


Quarter Barrel Keg

The Quarter Barrel Keg is also known as the Pony Keg. Sometimes it is called the Stubby Quarter. These look like the average keg. The ones you see on television. It is only short. It is ideal for smaller parties because it holds7.75

  • Pints of beer per keg: Approx. 62
  • Capacity: 7.75 gallons / 30 liters
  • Cans / Bottles (12oz) per keg: Approx. 82

Slim Quarter Keg

This is a keg that is just perfect for dual tap kegerators. It holds as much as the Quarter Barrell except that it is tall and slender. It still holds 7.75 gallons but will fit in a wider range of spaces.

  • Pints of beer per keg: Approx. 62
  • Capacity: 7.75 gallons / 30 liters
  • Cans / Bottles (12oz) per keg: Approx. 82

Cornelius Keg

The Cornelius Keg has a five-gallon capacity. Its original job was to be a soda dispenser. Now it is the perfect for your homebrew because of its size. It is also easy to clean, fill, and overall maintain. You do need to know that it has a ball lock connection, which is kind of outdated. However, if you look can find a few pin lock styles.

  • Pints of beer per keg: Approx. 40
  • Capacity: 5 gallons / 18 liters
  • Cans / Bottles (12oz) per keg: Approx. 53

Half Barrel Keg

Have you ever been to a frat party? Perhaps you have seen one on a television show? If so, that is exactly what the 15.5 gallon Half Barrel Keg is. It is a classic. It has been used for generations to distribute macro brews into the famous red Solo cup.

It is ideal for big parties and is what most bars and restaurants use and will fit in most kegerators. The downside is that you are limited to the types of beers that you can get in this one.

  • Pints of beer per keg: Approx. 124
  • Capacity: 15.5 gallons / 58.7 liters
  • Cans / Bottles (12oz) per keg: Approx. 165

Sixth Barrel Keg

While it is similar to the size and shape to the Cornelius Keg, the Sixth Barrel Keg is slightly larger in capacity. The most noticeable difference is that it has a traditional keg valve that requires a coupler before you can dispense.

They are popular among craft brewers because they can be used for small batch experiments. They are also great for restaurants catering to the beer connoisseur. They also take up less room which means you can fit more in a space. If you want to go with a dual tap kegerator, this is likely to be your first choice.

  • Pints of beer per keg: Approx. 41
  • Capacity: 5.16 gallons / 20 liters / 661 ounces
  • Cans / Bottles (12oz) per keg: Approx. 55

How long will a keg keep?

While it does depend on the storing conditions and the method used to dispense, you are likely to need to consume it within a day. If you keep it pressurized, refrigerated, and avoid a party pump you may be able to get a two-month shelf life.

How many kegs of draft beer can be dispensed out of a CO2 tank?

You can prepare for it to take about a 1/2 lb of CO2 to dispense a 1/4 barrel of draft beer and 1 Lb of CO2 to dispense a 1/2 barrel of draft beer.

How much does a keg of beer weigh?

The smaller kegs weight about 50 – 60 pounds. This is for about a five gallon one, like the corny keg. A pony keg is more medium sized and comes in under 90 pounds, give or take a few pounds. A fun fact is that kegs yield about as many 12-ounces cups as the pounds that they are.

How Much Beer in a Keg?

Keg vol.24 oz.20 oz.16 oz.14 oz.12 oz.
15.5 gal7793117133156
13.2 gal637696111130
7.5 gal3441535871
5 gal2225334145

Availability of each beer keg will vary by brand and location. You should ask your supplier to find out which brands of draft beer are available. For some beer kegs you even need to lodge a special order or a few days notice.

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