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EdgeStar KC2000SS Review

First of all, this machine comes in two varieties which are the traditional all black and the black cabinet with the door of stainless steel. It’s worth mentioning that the stainless-steel door makes it look classy and attractive, and it is the kegerator (assigned by the SS) that we are going to talk about.

That settled, the EdgeStar KC2000SS gives you two options which are a single or a dual tap. The one you go for will rely on the number of pals you are planning to invite on each event. It can hold all ½ barrel kegs and all small-sized kegs only excepting the oversized Miller and Coors kegs.

It’s kind of crazy nowadays that all lines, taps, faucets, and all parts of the KC2000SS are made in the US. Many people will consider that as its main advantage. Other people will love the quality roller wheels that lets you move it around easily even if it’s loaded with kegs, and also the guardrail surrounding the top of the kegerator for preventing mugs from falling off.

Another great aspect of the EdgeStar kegerators is that they are really easy to install. This is a key feature for hasty craft brewers who have a lot of things in mind rather than minor issues with the assembly process.

In terms of prices, this model will place you in a range of about $450 to $600, which may vary depending on each store, and the double tap will add some value too.


  • It has a guardrail on the top to prevent glasses from falling.
  • The door is reversible so that you can manage your space.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • All parts made in the US.

Any gaps?

Traying to find any remarkable flaw in this product would be stilted. As we did in other kegerator reviews, we will need to dig deep and earnestly strive to be minute.

The KC2000SS cannot support absolutely all of the commercial kegs available. Oversized or rubberized kegs like Coors or Miller won’t fit. Craft brews also need an additional fitting, or a couple of them. You can get those easily. Check the included manual to ascertain which fitting you need for each keg.

Besides that, maybe the only noticeable fault is that it’s kind of difficult for it to hit immediately the right temperature. In some rare occasions, you will have to play a little with the dial till you get what you consider the perfect temp. We can’t point this out emphatically since it is the same in a lot of kegerators, even more expensive models than the KC2000SS.


  • You will have to buy an additional fitting for your craft brew keg.

EdgeStar KC2000 Review

Is it worth my money and time? Recommended product

Like we always do in our reviews, we will go straight and cut to the chase. Is the KC2000 kegerator worth disbursing your precious money for? I dare say, “Yes”. It is a high-quality device that will properly dispense beer for a long period of time. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It is consciously designed, well thought out, alluring, efficient, and trustworthy.

All hardware parts were made in USA and its setup is easy and user-friendly. If an extra fitting is required, you can easily get one and set it. This model includes an aluminum CO2 tank to be mounted outside, which is the best for your brew.

No matter if you want to dispense your craft brew during a party or have your commercial beer cold and ready to serve for the Super Bowl, the EdgeStar KC2000 is a great option to deliver tasty beverage to your anxious pals. To sum up, we definitely recommend you buy the EdgeStar KC2000.

EdgeStar KC2000SSTWIN Review

The True Value of a Kegerator

Craft brew bars usually have more than one type of drink on tap. If you are planning to open a traditional local pub (in other words, a room for you and your buddies to have a good time and watch the game), you just have to take it to another level.

The EdgeStar KC2000SSTWIN has become the affordable number one option for amateur brewers for more than a decade.

This double-tap model is the costlier sibling of the one-tap version with almost the same traits (excluding the obvious difference).

With the power to reach the low 30’s and fitted with a tough stainless-steel cabinet, it will deliver ice-chilled brew for many years to come, for either a bottle or a cooled mug.

You can load two 1/6 kegs or two Cornelius Homebrew kegs, around 40 pints each. If you want to take advantage of your money, we give you the advice of going for this kegerator and feel the same emotion other amateur barmen felt with this product.


  • Gets down to the low 30s
  • More compact than traditional kegerators
  • Dual-tap system to give options
  • Made by a prestigious brand
  • High cost-benefit ratio


  • A bit more expensive

EdgeStar KC2000SS: More Options to Choose From

The best kegerator in this article

Lying more or less between the convenient mini-kegerators and cutting-edge professional machines, the EdgeStar KC2000SS is a fine kegerator. It blends solidity and intensity (so that you don’t waste time between batches) to create a compact masterpiece.

This appliance fits comfortably in any room of your house without occupying a lot of space.

It will easily reach the low 30’s and gives you two colors to choose from which are black and stainless steel, as well as two tap systems which are single or double. It is quite versatile to hold ¼ or ½ kegs.

Actual amateur barmen will appreciate the protective guardrail that prevents mugs from sliding off (they can become very slippery after several drinks).

It lacks the cutting-edge features present in a luxurious commercial beer dispenser, like a digital panel, but that is not precisely what we need from a kegerator.


  • Maintains beer ice-cold
  • High cost-benefit ratio
  • Fits anywhere


  • No digital panel
  • A bit harder to operate

EdgeStar KC3000SS Review

Best of All

Maintain your drink cold and ready at any time with the king of the list: The EdgeStar KC3000SS Full Size Kegerator. This model comes with convenient features and has a minimalistic layout that makes it handy and ready to go. Keep your beer in the best containment and control its temperature easily with a digital display. Please take into account that the temp displayed on the screen indicates the set point, and not the current temp of the beer. One of the best features of this kegerator is the Deep Chill feature, that quickly takes the temp of the machine to a low 32°F. You won’t find this feature in any kegerator, and this medium-cost EdgeStar has it.

This EdgeStar kegerator can support a lot of keg sizes, and even oversized and rubberized kegs, or several small kegs at a time. A platform at the back of the machine supports the CO2 cylinder. The KC3000SS comes with a single tap, but it is configurable to add a dual-tap system. It also comes with a drip tray that gets overflows. Having all the accessories required, this autonomous stainless-steel beer cooler is the ideal fridge to keep your preferred beer cold.

EdgeStar KC7000SSODTRIP Review

Top Outdoor Kegerator

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Drink your beer right from the keg in the outside world with the EdgeStar KC7000SS outdoor beer dispenser. This kegerator provides plenty of room for your kegs and the proper isolation to work at its best even outdoors. The manufacturer engineered the forced fan cooling system and isolation thinking about all weather conditions. This model also comes fitted with a frontal vent, making it ideal to fit into your open-air kitchen or furniture arrangement. It has sufficient internal space to hold oversized, normal-sized, or several small-sized kegs. It comes with LED lamps that light the interior of the appliance without producing heat that can affect the proper temperature of the load.

It has a triple-tap system that gives you three options of brew to choose from. Something that you must keep in mind is that if an outage happens, then you will have to manually reset the machine. If you are outside, you probably can ignore this and get a warm keg till you wait to get your desired cold beer. Be careful then and watch this kegerator if you live in a zone where blackouts happen often. That behind, this outdoor model is designed to be the life of your backyard parties.

EdgeStar BR2001BL Review

Ultra Low Temp Fridge for Kegerator Configuration – Do-it-yourself kegerator

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For Do-it-yourself people looking for a customizable kegerator, EdgeStar launched the Ultra-Low Temp Refrigerator, which is the embodiment of that idea. This is a fridge that comes ready to be turned into a kegerator if you want it to. Otherwise, you can cover the column hole and keep it as a refrigerator. If you choose to make a kegerator out of it, this model will give you in exchange a lot of great features. The EdgeStar BR2001BL comes with pre-trimmed holes for the gas lines and the beer column. I also discovered that it has enough space to add an extra hold for extra CO2 lines to carbonate your beer. Keep in mind that this kegerator can’t support Coors, Miller, or oversized kegs.

You can as well fit your own kegerator equipment to this refrigerator that is an entry-level unit for these purposes. A do-it-yourself model like this one is what you need if you formerly had a beer dispenser with a cooling system that isn’t working anymore and you want to recycle the kegerator parts to build a new one. If this is your case, here you have a reasonable option to customize your own generator.

EdgeStar BR3001SS Review

Full Size Kegerator Convertible Fridge with Digital Temp Display

The reason why EdgeStar’s kegerators are some of the best is due to the high cost-efficiency ratio they provide.

The measures of this unit are 23.4” by 23.6” by 33.5”, which place this model among the standard-sized kegerators. That means that it holds all keg sizes, included rubberized, oversized or multiple small-sized kegs. It also comes with two shelves in case you plan to use it as a fridge.

The main aspect of this model is obviously its efficiency and operability. A lot of users pointed out its capability to maintain the brew at a steady temperature, and I had the chance to ascertain this in my own experience. It has digital controls that are easy to use and set the wished temperature.

It is an autonomous unit and comes with all parts needed to set up the machine. The process to do it is really easy. Just read carefully the instruction manual.

EdgeStar BR3001SS comes with a dual tap system which allows you to load two small kegs to it in order to have two types of beer available in the same kegerator.

Nice Things

  • Great cost-benefit ratio
  • Maintains the drink cool at a steady temp
  • Coms with all parts needed

Not So Nice Things

  • Lacks internal light
  • Not suitable for outdoor use

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