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Keggermeister KM2800SS Review

The KM280SS is a full-sized single tap kegerator made to maintain a keg cold for up to 15 weeks. It has enough capacity to hold two 5-gallon kegs, a pony or a full-sized keg. It’s very lightweight and easy to transport. This is an awesome feature if you love to drink cold draft beer at home throughout the year as much as you love to host BBQ parties when the weather is hot.

Due the basic functionality of this product, it doesn’t come with a lot of fancy features, but it actually features an electronic thermostat, for an accurate temp setting, and some other great additions that make this unit handy and easy to operate.


Overview and Features

If you feel you need a kegerator to store your craft brew or keep the beer cold during your home parties, this is a good place to start. This Keggermeister kegerator has been very well received among customers and there are real good reasons for that. Mostly for entry-level users, this product is ideal for those looking for a single tap, full-sized kegerator for very dynamic applications. Also, it is not that expensive so it won’t affect your budget too much.


The design is elegant and standard. It has a chrome faucet, black beer tower and a matte black case. It includes a guard rail on the top meant to prevent glasses from falling off. This unit doesn’t include shelves like the Midea WHS-199BB1 Compact Single Door Kegerator Beer Cooler and Dispenser. This is a drawback for those wanting to use the device as an extra refrigerator when it is not dispensing beer.


This model comes fitted with soft roller wheels placed on the base of the appliance to take the kegerator with you to the center of the party. The wheels are not only made for mobility, but they have also a smooth design to avoid scuffs on the floor.


In this kegerator you can put two 5-gal kegs, pony and full-sized kegs. Your personal homebrew will also fit in there. If you are an amateur brewer, don’t use bottles to store it. Save some money instead and keep your beer ready to drink on tap.

Temperature Settings

It keeps your beer at an optimum temperature to avoid any risk of spoiling.

But how long does the beer stay fresh in this appliance? The brand states that this product keeps your brew fizzy and tasting good for even three months. The temperature must be properly adjusted for this.

It comes with an LCD temperature modulator, as an extra for the dual regulator that supervises the PSI and the CO2 level in the tank. This system lets you adjust the temps in a range of 32-52°F.


Dimensions of this model are: 21” wide by 33” high by 26” deep. Note that even if this model holds full-sized kegs, it’s not able to hold oversized or rubberized kegs like Miller Lite or Coors.

The beer tower has only one tap, so you will be able to serve only one beer at a time.

What does the kegerator come with?

  • Sankey tap kit
  • CO2 and pressure regulators
  • 2,5Lb CO2 tank
  • Chrome faucet and beer tower
  • Tap grip
  • Wheels


The manual is a helpful guidance through the whole installation. It could take about half an hour. You have many things to do, but the maker has strived to provide clear instructions with images to help you accomplish every step.


Some user complained about the pressure descending. If you have problems with the pressure level, the main causes of this may be a leakage in the tank, that you didn’t set the CO2 as high as needed, or an incorrect line connection. If the beer is dispensed too foamy, it’s maybe because the CO2 is set too high. You have to practice with the settings a little to obtain the ideal pressure. Consider that each type of brew needs a different CO2 level.

Usually, any kegerator works better when you plug it and leave it for a day or two before loading a keg. The compact dimensions of this model can be a hindrance for it to cool down the beer as soon as you load the keg. The brand recommends to leave the machine running for a few days before loading a keg and after that give it a couple of days to cool it down properly. When the keg has already cooled down and it gets the right temp, there won’t be many changes now.

If you still have problems with keeping the ideal temp, consider the environment it is stored in. This is an indoor model and must not be kept in a hot space or under the sun. Preferably, keep it in a fresh room.


  • Quiet while working
  • Keeps the beer tasty for three months
  • Easy setup and upkeep


  • Having only one tap, there’s not much to choose from
  • CO2 tank has half the capacity than most kegerators

If you want a kegerator for either hosting parties at your backyard or storing your craft brew, you should know already all the top brands available on the market. It’s a hard task to cut through all the idle chitchat to find out what really matters about each product and figure out what’s the one for you. This Keggermeister KM2800BK review is meant to give you the answers you’re looking for. We will show you the pros and cons and even compare it with the famous EdgeStar KC2000.

The Keggermeister KM2800BK is a basic model designed to satisfy the needs of most users who want a full-sized, single tap beer dispenser at home. Suitable for both craft brew and commercial beer, it’s quite a dynamic machine. It won’t hurt your wallet that much either. Costing about $400, this kegerator’s price is comparable with the other models of its kind.

It has an elegant and traditional design. The casing and door are matte black, the tower is black as well and has a chrome faucet. A chrome guard rail surrounding the top prevents glasses from falling off. Soft roller wheels avoid damages on the floor while dragging around. If you’d rather like a stainless-steel finish, you can get the KM2800SS version. The SS version is a bit more expensive and if you allow me, it’s difficult to keep it glossy and spotless, and won’t go with most of the furniture you already have as fine as the black version does.

This model can hold full-sized kegs, pony kegs, or two 5-Gal kegs. It can be used as a craft brew storage, which is a good reason for purchasing your own kegerator. Stop wasting your money in beer bottling, keep it on tap and save money and time. The beer is kept at the proper pressure and temp, and will last longer too. Bottle rockets are over.

It also has an LCD screen where the temperature is displayed and can be modulated. It even monitors the PSI and the CO2 level. Trust me when I tell you you’ll love this detail when a crowd of your pals is over and thirsty and the gas is running out.

Size Matters

External measurements of the KM2800SS are 21,3 inches wide by 33,2 inches high by 26,6 inches deep. Though it holds most full-sized, pony, or slim pony kegs, it doesn’t support oversized or rubberized kegs. The draft tower has only one tap. It wouldn’t be wise to reform it into a dual tap system since the size won’t allow it. It can only hold a sixth barrel or Cornelius keg, which is much less than the popular KC2000.


The manual will guide you through the process. It could take you half an hour if you’re not drunk. You have many steps to accomplish, but the manual includes images and is well thought out to teach you how to do it. If you prefer to watch a tutorial to do it, here you have a YouTube video that will help you through the whole process.

Common Problems

There are quite a few reviews about the Keggermeister KM2800BK, and many of them refer to some issues that many users had. After reading a lot of reviews, I recognized the main issues seem to be related to pressure and temperature.

Pressure Maintenance

If you had trouble trying to keep the pressure of the beer in the appliance, it could be caused by many different reasons. If you hastily conclude that the kegerator is simply defective and don’t try to find out what’s the real reason, then maybe there won’t be no kegerator that can meet your needs. This kind of issues are more common in many brands than you think. It’s up to you to learn about them and fix them.

One of the reasons to this could be a leakage in the CO2 tank, or that the CO2 is not turned high enough to gas the beer properly. Check the lines connections first. If there is too much foam, the CO2 might be turned too high. You should practice with the gauge to get the proper pressure. And don’t forget, each beer needs a different CO2 level.

Temperature Maintenance

The machine will have a better performance if you plug it in and leave it alone for two or three days before you load a full warm keg that will take its time to cool down too. It’s a hassle for these tiny machines to cool down if not applied additional pressure. Let it run for two or thee days and then load your keg. It will take two or three more days to cool down the keg as well. There won’t be much distortion in the temperature once it reaches its ideal temp, at least if you don’t open the door too often. Keep it closed if possible. The Keggermeister can reach a temperature of 35°F. Most brews are meant to be served a little warmer, actually.

If you still have problems trying to keep the beer cold, consider the place where you keep the appliance. It must be kept indoors, and in a cool room preferentially. Avoid the sunlight. Surrounded by a cool environment, it should could down easily. And if none of these tips help you, contact the manufacturer to give you instructions instead of trying to fix it on your own, which will void the warranty. A good idea to chill the engine is to put a little external fan behind the machine.


Some users have problems trying to keep pressure and temp in the Keggermeister KM2800KB. The fact that it is a basic model makes you think you will have the same issues with most basic kegerators, and it doesn’t seem like these issues are more frequent in this model than in any other basic kegerator. It’s elegant and good-looking enough to suit your living room. The main drawback of this product is its single tap and that it can’t hold more than a 1/6 barrel. So, you don’t have much variety. Being as large as other models with capacity for two, you might consider getting one of the other options instead.

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