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EdgeStar KC7000SSTWIN Review



The EdgeStar KC7000SSTWIN Full-Size Dual Tap Tower Kegerator is the kind of kegerator for beer experts willing to satisfy their refined palate with a sophisticated beer pour. A device for people who give a damn about the insane cost or the burdensome size of the machine as long as it provides the ultimate draft beer experience. If you happen to be one of them, this monster could cost you an arm and a leg, but you just need one arm to drink beer, right?

Well, if you decided to pay a bit more, you will have in return an appliance that serves in technically any possible circumstance in terms of beer pouring. First, this home device comes with frontal vent, allowing it to work as an autonomous appliance as well as installed. Moreover, it is fitted with a next-gen cooling system that distributes the temperature equally throughout the whole appliance, no matter if it is built-in or freestanding. Not only does an excellent performance keeping the temperature as low as you think it’s ideal, but it is designed to avoid any risk of hot spots, te-chnically ensuring a flawless pour each time. Also, thanks to the equal distribution of cold air, you can be sure that you won’t get half beer and half foam in the first beer pouring.


That said, now let’s talk about one of the main features of this kegerator. As already mentioned, it has plenty of interesting traits to point out, but what definitely makes this EdgeStar model shine is its strong structure. The tough door as well as the handle are covered in robust stainless steel, resistant enough as to let you enjoy a tasty glass of cold beer in the midst of a bombing. Ok, maybe we’re feeling a little lightheaded. The thing is that the design is incredibly durable and good-looking as well.

AS we already mentioned, this is a little huge model, having dimensions of 23,7” x 25,3” x 34,3” and a weight of about 115 pounds. It’s no wonder the brand included a kit of extra helping for handling such a machine. Apart from the usual kit of accessories, this model includes a digital control panel for you to make adjustments just by pushing some buttons. Moreover, the inner LED lights shine on your kegs and the equipment, without consuming much electricity and not affecting the inner temperature.

In other words, if a few dollars more don’t matter when it comes to getting plenty of space to keep your kegs cold, it wouldn’t be crazy at all to purchase the EdgeStar KC7000SSTWIN. The machine itself has an amazingly durable build and a reliable system that keeps your brew cold from the keg till it reaches your mug.



Maintains the brew cold and the pressure valves give the possibility to shut down the CO2 and save on gas and still maintaining the drink cold.


I’ve been using it for year already, and it’s been awesome.

Key aspects

Not loud at all, maintains the temperature steady, and the fact that it features two taps is great for loading two different 1/6 kegs.

Size and weight

Sturdily built and easy assembling.


Very spacious and very efficient for maintaining your kegs cold.

Did you hear any of your friends complaining about they’re traying to serve a mug of beer at home with their kegerators but only getting half a mug of foam and the beer is rather warmer than they’d wish. The reason to that may be that the device in question is low quality or has deficient components. You don’t have to worry about that with the EdgeStar KC7000SSTWIN.

The EdgeStar Full-Sized Double Tap Built-In Kegerator is meant for both commercial and household applications. The machine has an elegant finish along with a lot of truly helpful features and high-quality components. Having a frontal vent, you may mount the appliance under counter or use it as an autonomous device. The forced-air cooling mechanism distributes cold air equally throughout the inside of the machine keeping the temperature that you consider optimum. This system also keeps the draft tower cold to avoid the formation of foam. This kegerator can descend to a temp of 30°F.

This kegerator has enough space to hold almost all full-sized half barrel kegs, oversized rubberized kegs, ponies, slim quarters and up to 3 1/6-barrel kegs. It can be adjusted to hold 3 Cornelius, 1 slim quarter and 1 1/6-barrel keg, and 1 slim quarter and 1 Cornelius kegs. The machine has an elegant black stainless-steel layout with invertible door hinges and wheels for transport. It includes high-quality parts such as one Luxfer 5-pound CO2 tank, one double gauge modulator, two D Sankey couplers, two beer lines, two CO2 lines, one stainless-steel draft tower with two taps, two 304 stainless-steel faucet, and two black tap grips. It has a handy digital control panel with a screen where temps are displayed, and LED inner lights. There are a drip tray and guard rail on the top of the appliance, all stainless steel.


  • Can be installed. The EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Built-In Kegerator can be permanently installed thanks to its exclusive frontal vent.
  • Forced-air cooling: This model provides a flawless pour with the minimal foam each time thanks to the forced-air cooling system that apart from distributing cold air homogenously it also eliminates any risk of hot spots.
  • Forced-air cooled draft tower: Cold air runs constantly through the draft tower in order to avoid the classical first foamy dispense, giving tasty cold beer from the start.
  • Modulable broad range thermostat: It is a user-friendly thermostat and has a temperature range of 32-60 degrees.
  • Double tap: The double tap feature allows you to serve two different brews at a time.
  • Digital control panel: The digital control panel allows you to set the temp and other features by pushing a button and temperature is displayed on a screen.
  • LED lights: LED lights light the interior of the machine without high consumption of energy or heat production.
  • Elegant looking: This model has black stainless-steel casing and door, and all parts look sleek and smooth.
  • Durable: The door and the top with all components are stainless-steel covered which ensures a long life of service.
  • Invertible door hinges: You can choose the direction the door will swing to, according to your needs.
  • Roller wheels: The appliance is fitted with four wheels for an easier mobility.
  • All needed parts included: It comes with all needed pieces and accessories, like the CO2 tank, modulator, couplers, beer lines, draft tower, faucets, grips, and stainless-steel top cover, drip tray and guardrail.
  • Status of the parts: All parts are NSF approved and made in the US.


  • Uncareful shipping: The only disadvantage on this model would be an eventual damage made on the casing during the shipping process.


The KC7000SSTWIN is a battle horse created by EdgeStar under rigorous standards without any remarkable drawback. All components of this device were designed to offer the perfect, tasty, cold glass of beer you deserve.

Truly, this machine is a beast. One of the costliest and best valued kegerators on the market, in terms of construction and performance, which stand out and outdo any competitors by far.

Purchasing this product, you’re getting features like an air-cooled draft tower, frontal vent, inner LED lights, invertible door, pro handle bar and a lot more or accessories and traits lacking in most usual kegerators.

Functions like the forced-air cooling system keep the temperature equally distributed throughout the appliance and the first beer dispensed by the kegerator tastes as good as the last one.

Imagine that you have a business and you don’t want this appliance to be used by just anyone. You can count on the built-in lock function featured in this model that guarantees no-one can use your kegerator without your permission.

These are useful and expensive features. In a word, if you have a lot of money to squander, go for it, bud!

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