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Nostalgia KRS-2100 Keg-O-Rator Refrigerated Beverage Keg Dispenser Review 2018


Product Description

This full size single tap Kegerator comes with a semi-gloss black tower, guard rail, and a durable black counter style top. The black handled spout can accommodate many different sized beer mugs and glasses. Its refrigerator can hold full size kegs (1/2 barrel) or pony kegs. This unit will fit up to a 15.5 gallon keg or a keg up to 26″ high. Castors are included making this kegerator mobile enough to roll around a clubhouse, basement or pool area. The Nostalgia KRS-2100 is perfect for home brewers or any beer drinkers that like draft beer. The product dimensions are: L 20.3″ x W 26″ x H 32″ and comes with a 90 day warranty.

Product Features

  • This is a full sized refrigerated beer dispenser with a single tap
  • Can hold 1 full- or pony-size keg or 2 five gallon kegs
  • Will keep beer carbonated for many weeks
  • Empty CO2 bottle included
  • Measures 20-2/7 by 26 by 32 inches; 90-day limited warranty
  • Comes with 4 durable casters for easy mobility
  • Has a chrome guardrail to prevent accidental beer spillage


The product is nicely packaged. Everything is strapped in, secured in place with a lot of padding.

The assembly directions are much clearer than those in other similar models.

The manufacturer is US based which means better customer service availability.


The Nostalgia KRS-2100 is quite large and bulky. This makes getting the unit into an upstairs apartment a bit of a chore.

Earlier models had some complaints about certain design aspects. It seems that most of these have been corrected

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are 91 Amazon reviews on this product. Thirty- four people gave the Nostalgia KRS-2100 five out of five stars. The average rating was 3 3/4 stars.

Here is what some other purchasers of this product had to say about it:

Keg Beer Costs Less than Bottles AND TASTES BETTER!, Linda G (Chicago) June 11, 2012

First I’d like to say how great my delivery was … We were looking on craig’s list for a used kegerator and I thought I’d check on Amazon first. We saw this one — I ordered it on Thursday and it arrived Friday before 11 AM. (!!!) We were planning on kegging some homebrew that wasn’t ready yet sooooo since we had this new kegerator we went and picked up a 1/4 barrel of Sierra Nevada. We have “tested” this Keg-O-Rator for 11 days now and it works great, holds the pressure & temperature, doesn’t foam — it is The Best Deal around. The guy at the CO2 placed poo poo-d that we could get something functional at this price and predicted future doom … we’ll see … Right Now we are VERY VERY HAPPY > really!

Awesome, AndySrz June 4, 2012

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Delivered with very good packaging. No scratches nothing missing and very fast shipping at no cost. Easy setup took me literally 30 mins and that was reading the instructions. Came with a 5LB CO2 bottle not a 2.5LB. Which is better! Only thing I’ll be upgrading is the tap handle but that’s just because I want it to look like I’m getting a pint from the bar. Great buy so far I’ll update if I have any issues.

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