Top 10 of the Best Mini Kegerators

A beer dispensing system that works with smaller kegs is called a mini-kegerator. It is the smallest kegerator that you will find. It is built to tap and serve a 5-liter keg but only contains 10-1/2 pints. The compact size is perfect for those who do not drink beer very often. With this, you can enjoy a top-quality beer at home without the expense of a full-size kegerator and larger kegs.

With the popularity of a mini-kegerator, you can find some 5-liter mini-kegs produced by many beer manufacturers, that will offer beer lovers their favorite brews without a bottle or a can. Here are some famous brands that offer beers in a mini keg:

  • Heineken
  • Bitburger
  • Coors Light
  • DAB
  • Newcastle Brown
  • Warsteiner

A mini-kegerator is a special kind of product, it is not quite an appliance, but it is more advanced than a coffee maker or similar countertop products. Like full-size kegerator, the mini-kegerator is easy to set up, can dispense fresh beer on demand. It has the versatility to be installed in various locations, from the man cave to the garage.



  • One primary advantage of a mini-kegerator is that you can use and place it anywhere. You can place it on your countertop or your table. Take with you on a road trip, or a boat ride. You can carry it to your neighbor’s barbecue party. You can also install it on your camper.
  • The mini-kegerators comes with a pressure gauge and CO2 regulator so that your draft beer can be served in the best possible condition all the time. You can find models that offer pressure controls for your CO2. Other units offer thermoelectric cooling, LED temperature displays and adjustable temperature settings. A lot of mini-kegerators come with a cleaning kit and are designed to allow the keg to sit within a self-contained cabinet unit.
  • Mini-kegerators are ultra-quiet which means you will not be disturbing anyone when pulling down a draft.
  • Compact size. Mini-kegerators are designed to handle a 5-liter keg. There are 2.5-liter Corny kegs that are available already. The smaller version provides you with a unique experience because there are coffee kegs at a 2.5L size that can work on these portable units. You can fill yourself with coffee in the morning and swap it out and clean for you to fill it with the beer in the evening.
  • It is versatile that it can cater not only beers but also coffees and sodas. All you must do is to clean it out and refill with your favorite drink.
  • The size of the mini-kegerator comes at a lesser price. You can purchase a top-rated model for around $300 and use it anywhere you want. You can also find entry-level models with a price lower than $100. For home use, the best price that will give a perfect deal is at the price range of $150. This price can give you a complete set with drip trays, cleaning kits, keg adapters, and other common features so you can maximize your use.

10 of the Best Mini Kegerators of 2019

Keg Smiths Portable Draft Keg System

This product is a growler and kegerator put together. It is also a portable draft system. this kegerator holds up to 8 pints of your favorite beer and distributes it through a stainless-steel CO2 tap system. aside from beer, this model can be filled with your favorite beverage, Kombucha, iced tea or even your favorite homebrew. If you are loving a draft-style beverage at home, this mini-kegerator is best for you.

Fizzics Original Portable Beer System

This unit is the best option for those who like to have a good beer with a great head. It has a micro-foam technology that offers a draft experience without the need to have a full keg around. What’s unique with this product is that it works to create draft-style beer by using bottles, cans, or growlers. This mini-kegerator supports 64-ounce containers. The best part? To use, all you need to do is have 4 AA batteries around to experience this patented technology can do.

HAN-MM Homebrew Keg System Kit

HAN-MM offers an excellent system for those who want a homebrew setup at home to distribute draft-style beer. This unit comes with a 64-ounce stainless-steel keg dispenser, a miniaturized CO2 regulator and a beer dispenser.

The unit works with different types of beverages and is super portable. You must remember that CO2 cartridge that is required for the carbonation systems is to be bought separately.

Krups and Heineken B100 BeerTender

If you like Newcastle Brown Ale or Heineken beer, this mini kegerator is perfect for you. This unit works exclusively with the kegs produced these beers and will keep them at precise 37.40F ideal temperature. The Beertender has a Peltier cooling system which works consistently well and the beer stays fresh up to 30 days with this model. This mini-kegerator comes with drip tray, 5 draft tubes and, a LED temperature indicator. Again, you must remember that this won’t work with any other mini-kegs, only with Heineken or Newcastle brands.

uKeg Pressurized Growler – Stainless Steel

This dual purpose unit offers the benefits of a mini-kegerator while still offering the benefits of a growler. The uKeg contains up to 64 ounces of your favorite beer including craft beer or homebrew so it can be shared easily. The stainless steel bottle feature is vacuum insulated to ensure that the temperature and freshness remain consistent. This is not a long-term solution for great draft beer, but it gets the job done.

The Coolerator All-in-One Pressurized Dispenser

If you are not a heavy beer drinker but is looking for a good draft beer solution, this unit is a better option. This mini-kegerator can hold one full mini-keg and operates within a container that is like a cooler. You can take it with you anywhere and experience the benefits of this pressurized system. it requires threaded CO2 cartridges which are sold separately. Your beer can stay fresh for up to 30 days and there are 2-tap systems, which is hard to find, for a mini-kegerator.

GrowlerWorks uKeg Pressurized Growler

This growler can hold up to 128 ounces of beer. A mini-kegerator that can be filled with 5 liters of beer, plenty of your favorite homebrew, craft brew of microbrew. It can also hold tea, coffee or whatever you want with its pressurized system. this has an automatic regulator cap design which will maintain a perfect level of carbonation in your beverage for all day satisfaction. The growlerWorks is a wonderful invention and a very good investment.

SPT BD-0538 Mini-kegerator and Dispenser

The SPT BD-0538 mini-kegerator is one of the few that accepts a Heineken 5L keg and a standard 5L keg. It also comes with the CO2 cartridges in needs in the box. This unit can store and pour the beer for more than a month and still tastes fresh because this is fueled by thermoelectric cooling technology. The stainless-steel housing and an easy to pull tap are a plus. The CO2 controls are a bit touchy and take a while before you get used to it.

The Sub Beer Dispenser

Designed by Krups, this beer dispenser is a way to enjoy craft beer that comes fresh from the brewery. This model fits perfectly in any standard kitchen countertop and it does good in keeping the beer fresh. A downside that you will encounter is that it uses a plastic 2L bottles. A prolonged storage in the plastic container will change the taste of your beer. Therefore, this is not advisable for storage purposes.

Koolatron 5-Liter Beer Keg Chiller

This unit has a chiller option. This option is another way to provide a nice draft beer at any party or when you get the urge to crack a cold one open. It can cool any stored beer at 30C temperature. This feature will not allow the storage of any hot beverages. This unit uses standard 5L kegs but requires the gravity-style dispersal method with the tap on the bottom to work properly. Koolatron is very portable and provides a consistent delivery.

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