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Kegco K309SS-2 Review


Kegco K309SS-2 Kegerator Review

If you are an enthusiast of home brewing and feel you need an effective, elegant full size kegerator, you should consider the Kegco Double Faucet Kegerator. This handsome machine allows you to dispense cold and delicious draft beer for your pals and family, without leaving the coziness of your home.

The Kegco K309SS-2 has a considerable holding capacity enough to support a ½ barrel full size keg (15,5 gallons), a ¼ barrel Pony keg (7,75 gallons) and a 1/6 barrel (5 gallons). It has an autonomous built and weighs about 97 pounds. Its look is excessively alluring with matte black finish and stainless-steel door. It comes with a temperature display to adjust the temperature of the beer by just pushing a bottom. The temp range is 32-75°F. This is among the widest temperature ranges you can find.

The fan-forced cooling feature of this kegerator maintains the temperature uniform and constant inside the whole unit. It includes as well a deep chill function for a faster cooling process, especially for warm kegs. The Kegco K309SS-2 comes with two additional shelves that allow the kegerator to transform into a fridge. Some other features worth mentioning are the drip tray, a chrome guardrail that keeps mugs from getting knocked off, and a whole double keg direct draw kit. It comes with all parts needed for its setup and a kit of roller wheels to move it around and that can be locked as well.


Capacity: The kegerator has a large interior that can contain all full-sized kegs, even Miller, Coors, and rubberized kegs. It can even hold two 5-gal D System kegs or three 5-gal Cornelius ball Lock Home brew kegs. Now you can serve two or three different beers at the same time.

Good looking design: It looks really classy with its black cabinet and stainless-steel door.

Digital temperature settings: This feature allows you to change the temp at ease and its temperature range can get really low.

Fan-Forced Cooling: This fan cooling method takes the temperature of the beer to nearly freezing levels and keep it equal for a perfect pour.

Deep Chilling: The kegerator has the power to cool warm beer faster when the Deep Chill function is on by running a compressor for 24 uninterrupted hours managing to cool the beer very quickly.

Works as a fridge: You can make a fridge out of it by adding two included shelves.

Includes all parts needed: Installation is very easy and all parts needed to do it come in the box.

Lockable roller wheels: These wheels are an improvement for safe and convenient portability.


Issues with the regulator: It may happen that you have any issue with the pressure regulator, which can lower the quality of the pours that are great in normal circumstances.

Sticky taps: This is a secondary issue. Taps may harden if not used often.

The Kegco K309SS-2 Kegerator is one the best models created by the Kegco brand. With such a broad temp range, large inner space, and fan-forced cooling, this kegerator is one of a kind. The simple setup, elegant layout and digital settings are additional plus points. This is an efficient and sophisticated appliance with insignificant disadvantages that can be overcome easily.

You can either use it home or take it to your pal’s barbeque, and you will be the life of the party. It’s a little more expensive than other kegerators, but it offers plenty of advantages that really are worth its value.

For example, the double tap feature allows you to serve two different beers at the same time and its large capacity can hold Coors, Miller, and any other oversized keg.

The fan-forced system allows you to maintain the temperature of the beer real low. And while the door remains closed, it is able to keep low temperatures for a long time even when it is unplugged.

The roller wheels provide the mobility you need to drag it all over your home.

Some other lovely features such as the digital thermostat and the deep chill function add icing on the cake.


COMPLETE TAPPING KIT: This kegerator is fully equipped in order to pour chill and delicious draft brew. The single faucet feature comes with a 5-pound shining red aluminum empty CO2 tank, a CO2 regulator, a D system handle keg coupler for any household keg, and a 3-inch chrome plated draft column.

STORING CAPACITY: It is large enough for holding all full-sized kegs, even Miller and Coors kegs, as well as rubberized kegs. Moreover, it has the capacity to contain two 5-gal D system kegs or three 5-gal Cornelius ball lock home brew kegs. And if you wish, you can turn it into a fridge with two included adjustable shelves.

SMOOTH AND CLASSY DESING: This handsome autonomous kegerator has a matte black body and a smooth stainless-steel door. It also has an easy cleanable and movable drip tray, a chrome guardrail that prevents glasses from falling off, and small roller wheels for an easier mobility. The wheels lock when the machine is standing, preventing it to roll on its own.

DIGITAL TEMP SETTINGS: This digital display allows you to adjust and ascertain the inner temperature. An up and down button system simplifies the degree setting. You can turn on the deep chill feature to hasten the keg cooling with the compressor system running uninterruptedly during 24 hours. Fan cooling provides the coolest temperature levels among all kegerators.

LONG LIFESPAN: This model has a single faucet mechanism made of UL compliant durable pieces that ensure many years of quality service. A stainless-steel inner bottom disk disperses the weight of the content to avoid damages in the inner coating. It also helps you slide the kegs in and out softly when replacing kegs. Dimensions of the kegerator are: 33,25 inches high, 24 inches wide and 25 inches deep.

Details: The Kegco K309SS-1 is a sophisticated and consumption efficient autonomous kegerator with outstanding features that live up to one’s expectations about Kegco kegerators. The digital temp settings provide a broader temperature range to choose from. The temps are displayed in F and C degrees and can be turned up and down with the push of a couple of buttons. This device includes some additional accessories suck as a cleanable drip tray, locking roller wheels, and a chrome guardrail to keep glasses on top of the unit. Each and any full-sized keg, even Miller, Coors, and rubber kegs can fit into this model thanks to its spacious interior. It can hold as well two 5-gal D System kegs or three 5-gal Cornelius Ball Homebrew kegs. This way you can store two or three different brews at the same time. When not used as a beer dispenser, it can work as a normal fridge with two adjustable shelves that can hold 2-liter bottles, gallon bottles and glass bottles of any kind. This model applies fan-forced cooling which keeps the temperature even throughout the kegerator and allowing it to reach lower temps than any other kegerator of its kind. It can reach 32°F. It also has a Deep Chill feature that keeps the compressor running uninterruptedly during 24 hours to cool down warm beer faster. The K309SS-1 come with all parts needed to serve tasty draft beer such as a keg coupler, carbon dioxide tank, dual gauge regulator, and air and beer lines.

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