Best Outdoor Kegerators Review

If you love a perfectly cold beer on a hot day, then you’ll find that the best of the best outdoor kegerators can keep you satisfied all year long. Whether it’s an early birthday present you want to treat yourself with or a game-changer for that party you’ve been planning for months you’ll find that an outdoor kegerator will not disappoint.

Choosing the best model that’ll fit your style can sometimes be a bit tricky. There are different sizes, colors, and features to consider before finally deciding on the best outdoor kegerator for YOU.

So let’s indulge and celebrate our love for beer and grab that next glass from a kegerator that’s fit for a king!

The modern keg fridge operates with a surprisingly simple technology. Tap a keg; maintain the proper temperature; dispense beer straight from the tap. How that technology is put together and what add-ons it comes with are things we should take note.

Convenience, durability, and versatility is king. These qualities should be present for a kegerator to be topnotch.


Why Buy a Kegerator?

Keeping things simple, a kegerator has one primary purpose: to keep your beer perfectly cold. However, instead of just having a few cans in your beer fridge, you now have access to a whole keg of your favorite brew. Imagine not worrying about how many cans you have left for a very long time.

A kegerator eliminates excessive foam and gives you consistent positive drinking experience. It regulates and maintains the ideal temperature for a wide variety of beers offering a range of 35-65F for storage giving you 3 significant benefits:

  • It lengthens the lifespan of your beer up to 8 weeks. Beers with high alcohol content can be stored for approximately 1 year or even up to 2 years.
  • It lets you entertain your guests and saves you the trouble of going back in forth into your kitchen and grabbing the bottles from the beer fridge.
  • It gives you a quick and easy access to your beer with minimal effort to install the kegerator.

A kegerator would be the best investment for someone who sticks to a particular kind of beer and prefers kegs over bottles or cans. Beer always tastes bolder, crisper, fresher, and more superior from a keg.

For those who like more variety with their beers, the best mini kegerator or a beer fridge is a better alternative.

Which Kegerator is for Me?

There is a wide range of outdoor kegerators to choose from today. Each has its own special features that are noteworthy if you are considering purchasing these helpful household appliances.

  • These types are designed to be smaller in size and lighter to allow more mobility. They may not hold a large keg but they are definitely small enough to move around and distribute cold beer virtually anywhere.
  • Built-In. These types are more likely installed under a countertop. The process of installing these types are quite similar to that of a dishwasher. They allow for easy access but, compared to other types, the installation is most likely to be more costly.
  • These types are arguably the easiest way to have a kegerator. As its name suggests, it’s freestanding and you can place it anywhere you like. Just add your keg and you’re ready to go. These types usually have built-in wheels that enable you to transport it indoors or outdoors.

It’s highly recommended that you purchase a unit that is built for the outdoors even if it’ll be used more often indoors. Outdoor kegerators are more weather-resistant due to its stainless steel exterior and require low maintenance.

A portable outdoor kegerator works well with different climates since it can easily be relocated indoors during colder seasons. A permanent outdoor installed kegerator is an ideal option for those who live primarily in a tropical or warm environment.

The kegerator is also a great way to distribute your homebrew product. Most homebrewers use Cornelius Kegs and, most often than not, the common keg fridge is not compatible with that keg type. However, there are kits that let you connect your homebrew through your unit so that you can dispense and proudly share your masterpiece.

What is the Perfect Size?

Your kegerator’s size depends on the available space you have for it. Make sure to take your home measurements beforehand and compare it to the dimensions of the different kegerators you’re interested in. Looking at online reviews can be extremely helpful in narrowing down your options.

Most kegerators out in the market right now will give you an interior volume of at least 5 cubic feet. This excludes the mini kegerator from the list since they are basically in a different category.

There are larger kegerators, specifically the outdoor types that will give you more than 8 cubic feet of interior volume.

For many, a single tap kegerator is already sufficient. However, there are those times that one beer tap is just isn’t enough. Fortunately, there are models that come with dual taps. Many would consider dual-tap kegerators are more than able to satisfy even the most demanding beer fanatics.

For those who want to indulge themselves and their thirsty friends, there are  3-tap kegerators available on the market as well. Just make sure that the kegs you’ll be using are compatible with the unit.

Most dual-taps are compatible with 1/6 barrel kegs. The best kegerators, however, are compatible with two or three ½ barrel kegs. Now that’s a kegerator fit for a king!

What are the Top Features?

If you’re a serious beer lover and have to have the cream of the crop of outdoor kegerators, then you should look into investing on features like high-grade galvanized stainless steel and weather-resistant vinyl external coatings. Also, there are those that have additional features that will ensure accurate and on-the-dot storage temperature control for consistently crisp and cold beer. On top of these, there many other special features being offered in the market today.

  • Automatic Defrost. This feature comes in handy when it’s time to give your kegerator a good clean. It basically works similar to the defrost function of chest freezers.
  • Deep Chill. Having this special feature minimizes the foam which in turn maximizes the high-quality flavor profile of your brew.
  • ABS Scuff Plating. If you think that your new kegerator will be very busy on a regular basis, then make sure that your unit has a hefty ABS scuff plating for extra longevity.
  • Temperature Variation. There is a wide selection of models that will enable you to store your brew with temperatures ranging from 35F-50F to make sure you have the best temperature control over your brew.

Some models offer additional special features like guardrails, internal shelving, and drip trays. These add-ons are not vital but can take your whole drinking experience to new heights.

It would also be a good idea to double check if the kegerator comes with the proper technology that gives you a perfectly frosty mug to enjoy your beer. Some of this hardware is sold separately, so take the time to review the unit description.

Price Range of Outdoor Kegerators

A basic portable outdoor kegerator usually costs within the price range of $300-$600. They already come with all the common features that you’ll need but you’d be surprised to find that some models have special features without charging you extra.

If you are searching for an outdoor kegerator with the extra bells and whistles, a triple-tap unit, for instance, these units can go for over $3,500.

Best of the Best Kegerators

Kegco Dual Faucet

This unit has all your basic features of a kegerator. It comes with a complete keg tapping kit, a 5lb aluminum CO2 tank, and your CO2 regulator. The tank is filled locally and can hold two 5-gallon D-system kegs or three 5-gallon Cornelius ball-lock homebrew kegs. It is one of the most efficient kegerators that lets you enjoy your cold one.

EdgeStar KC2000

This unit provides a consistent beer drinking experience at temperatures ideally in the mid-30s. It comes with a 5lb CO2 cylinder, casters, and a drip tray that minimizes spillage. You get to choose between a standard model and a stainless steel model. Both options are great investments.

Kegco Homebrew

This portable outdoor kegerator allows you to make your very own homebrew. It comes with a 2-faucet system, perfect for entertaining a thirsty crowd. The keg tapping kit is included and allows you to directly hook up your homebrew to two 5-gallon kegs. On top of its stunning black design, this unit’s highlight is its energy-efficient technology. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth with this model.


This single-tap model promises to keep your favorite beer tasting fresh for at least three months. It can both hold a pony keg or two 5-gallon kegs. The temperature control of this unit gives you the freedom to maximize the beer’s flavor profile. This unit is certified commercial-grade. The perfect machine to keep those brew pouring all year round.

EdgeStar KC3000SS

This beauty is a freestanding unit. Special features include guardrail, a drip tray, and casters for mobility. It is compatible with half-barrel, Cornelius, sixth-barrel, and quarter kegs. One neat thing about this model is that it comes with two wire shelves that will turn your kegerator into a fridge whenever a keg isn’t hooked up. Definitely a great feature.


A compact kegerator, it’s a perfect unit when you want to move around and entertain guests. This unit’s wide temperature range of 32F to 53.6F gives you more beer options that you can keep. This unit includes two wire shelves but the external CO2 tank is purchased separately. This compact system does the job and requires minimal space.

SDI Deals

If you want the complete setup and impress your guests at the same time, then this kegerator is for you. On top of the two-tower setup, it gives you a remarkable amount of storage space. Although the temperature range is only up to 41F, it makes up for it by giving you almost 20 cubic feet of total capacity. It can either hold 600 bottles of beer or 1,100 12-ounce cans. This kegerator can easily keep a huge party going for days.

EdgeStar KC7000SS

This outdoor kegerator is built to last. It is definitely a commercial-grade unit that offers front ventilation and forced-air refrigeration. This triple tap unit has a dual-gauge regulator that promises consistently perfect beers. Easily one of the best top quality kegerators out there.

Nostalgia KRS2100

This model is designed with a spring-loaded tap which lets you dispense your beer with utmost ease. It has 5.1 cubic feet capacity and a remarkably compact CO2 tank. The 13-inch chrome tower looks stunning and adds more flare if you’re particular about the overall interior design of your space. Setting up this unit might take some time but other than that it’s a great system.

EdgeStar Outdoor

This outdoor kegerator is compatible with in-cabinet installations. Its features include interior LED lighting, a safety lock, and stainless-steel components. This unit can accommodate a full keg along with several keg configurations. Temperature range is 32-60F and is controlled at the touch of a button. This is a must-have to your outdoor party space.

The kings of outdoor kegerators promise consistent perfectly cold beer. Each comes with its own pros and cons so make sure you purchase the unit that fits your personality and preferences. Grab a unit and enjoy your next brew and satisfy your thirst.

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