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Edgestar KC3000 Review

What can be more relaxing than a nice, cold and frosty can of beer?

If you love your beer, cold and tasty, a kegerator is something you definitely need. So what exactly is a kegerator? Think of it like a small sized refrigerator dedicated to beer storage. The kegerator comes with a tap, a faucet, drill, a hose, a detachable keg, CO2 tank, and regulator.

All these components work in-line to bring down the temperature of beer to an optimal—preferred level—and also keep it fresh, frosty and tasty as ever.

You will find these kegerators in a variety of sizes, colors, designs and with many other special features. One of the best kegerators today is the EdgeStar KC3000. This is a full sized Kegerator with digital display and is a must-have if you want your beer to stay fresh and frosty for months.

You might wonder why get the kegerator when the refrigerator can keep the drinks just as cool? You see, the thing is, the kegerator makes use of the carbon dioxide (CO2) that pressurizes the keg and keeps it cool and fresh for months.

Plus, that is made just for beer storage; so there’s no mixing, no falling or unorganized bottles rolling about. Just your favorite drinks chilling and having a good time just by themselves!

So give your imported cans and bottles the place they deserve; the EdgeStar keeps them fresh and always ready for an instant serve, whenever and wherever you want. The kegerator can keep slim quarter, sixth barrel kegs, half-barrels and Corny with easy, that’s good enough for an unplanned evening with friends or family.

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