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Wine Enthusiast 18 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

If you’re looking to store your modest wine collection in a versatile, modern and elegant piece of machinery, the Wine Enthusiast 18 Bottle Wine Cooler is exactly what you’re looking for. Holding true to its name, the average wine enthusiast would find this cooler useful and convenient for storing all types of wine. This sleek wine cooler is a great value for a functional product.



The Wine Enthusiast features an all-black frame with stainless steel accents on each corner. The design allows it to blend into any room with its modern look. The glass door and LED lighting allow for ample viewing of your wine collection. The cooler also has four pull-out shelves. All things considered, the Wine Enthusiast is an attractive piece of machinery.


Wine Enthusiast 18 Bottle Wine Cooler has two zones, allowing the owner to store both red wines and white wines in the same location. Each zone has its own separate compressor in order to have two temperatures in the same cooling unit. The top zone stores up to ten bottles of wine and works at a range from 54 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit. The bottom zone stores up to eight bottles and runs between 46 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

The following guidelines on how to store wine at home will help to your wines keep the flavor.

You control both zones with the touch-screen technology located in the middle of the door for easy access. The technology is easy to use and allows the owner to quickly adjust the cooler’s temperature with little effort. All of these excellent yet simple features make the Wine Enthusiast the ideal wine cooler for the collector with a modest yet diverse line of wines. The cooler does not vibrate and protects the taste and quality of wines stored in the cooler.

Listed below are the pros and cons of the Wine Enthusiast 18 Bottle Wine Cooler. While this model is reliable in a sense that it will store your wine collection for a relatively cheap price, it does have a few small issues.


  • The all-black design allows it to blend into every room, and it is large enough to have glasses and other décor sitting on the top
  • The Dual Zone technology allows you to store both red and white wines in one convenient location
  • Has a shelf for three standing bottles, in case you were to lose the lid or cork
  • Stylish all-black design makes it pleasing to the eye
  • The exterior touch screen technology makes it easy to adjust temperature to your liking
  • The free-standing wine enthusiast gives the user ability to place the product anywhere around their respective home.


  • The two fans can sometimes make a humming noise when changing speeds, which can be distracting to house guests at times
  • t can be difficult to fit oddly-shaped or larger bottles of wine with how close the shelves are together
  • Does not function as well outdoors.


The Wine Enthusiast company prides itself on creating wine coolers for the, well, wine enthusiast. The company always looks to make a reliable and functional cooler, and this model is all of that and more. The Dual Zone technology makes this cooler perfect for storing both red and white wines in one convenient location. To optimize its performance you need to remember about wine cooler repair and maintenance tips.

Since it can hold wines laying down and standing up, it is one of the most versatile and best wine coolers on the market. Among other competitive wine coolers, this cooler is one of the best values currently for sale.

Wine Enthusiast 18 Bottle Wine Cooler would make the perfect gift for any friend or loved one with a great passion for wine collecting. And it has an affordable price to boot. Any wine collector will not regret having this elegant piece of machinery storing their wines.


Model: 551645-272
Color: black
Doors: curved glass
Display: LED
Capacity: 18
Zones: 2
Shelves: 3
Cooling: Thermoelectric
Power: 110 V / 70 Hz
Control: electronic


Width: 19.75 in
Depth: 14 in
Height: 25.5 in
Weight: 42 lb

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