What is a Snap On Kegerator?

Do you know what a snap on kegerator is?  I bet, you may not or maybe some know it. ‘Coz honestly, I don’t know it myself until just today. I was scouting on the website for some small type of fridge and  I came to pass by this kind of thing.  I got curious. So, I did my own research and looked into it deeper. You know, I am not a person who drinks alcoholic drinks. So, please forgive me if I just learned about it today.

Let’s start off with the main thing. What is a kegerator? Do you have any single idea of what it is? Or maybe at least a wild guess? No? All right, let me tell you about it. A kegerator is a kind of refrigerator for storing and dispensing kegs. A keg is a barrel. The keg is kept in a refrigerated area while using CO2  for pressurization and dispensing the keg. This makes the content fresh and carbonated for a long period, it can even take a couple of months on there. Want to know more? Please continue reading about the kegerator.

A regular refrigerator with a least enough space for the keg and the dispenser system can also be configured into a kegerator, all you need is a kegerator conversion kit. Mainly, it is used to dispense draft beer but now it is being known to dispense cold brewed coffee, wine, soda, and kombucha when modified. These kegerators can be used in a residential or commercial place. If you are a person who drinks beer a lot, having a kegerator at home or going into a restaurant or local bar can save you a lot. It is actually an inexpensive way of drinking beer. Plus, you get to enjoy a cold glass of fresh beer right from the tap.

Any liquid you want can be placed inside the keg for the homebrew kegs. With the help of a kegerator, you can pressurize and dispense it. Of course, since it is a different type of liquid it also requires different alterations on the dispenser system. For example,  a cold brewed coffee and a wine needs  CO2/ Nitrogen for pressurization on the kegs. Also, due to a higher content of acid that can damage the chrome plated brass which is found in the dispenser system, you have to ensure that the dispenser system fittings are all stainless steel. The beer line also needs to be changed into a wine line which will not likely take away the flavors.

If you are buying a kegerator or a kegerator kit, the manual has an easy guide to make your installation easy peasy. A mini kegerator has an easier assembly and use. All you need to do is to have the Beertender ready and insert the keg into it. Get the disposable draught tube and snap it on. Let the keg cool. It has an electronic cooling system the makes the keg chill immediately and properly.

There’s a list of Haier kegerators mostly good for homes. A Haier Hbf205eabb Dual Tap Brewmaster Kegerator is one of the best among Haier kegerators. It earned a 10 out 10 ratings. The Haier BrewMaster Kegerator can be converted to a regular refrigerator in case you do n’t want to use it as a kegerator. It does not plug and play. Dialing on separate pressures are not allowed on the dual regulator. Having a Haier Hbf205eabb Dual Tap Brewmaster Kegerator is like having a beverage factory.

A Haier 5.0 cu ft Chest Freezer is definitely good for home brewing. You’ll have to put on together a fermentation chamber or a kegerator on this one. There are Haier beer dispenser parts that can convert your Haier beer cooler into a perfect cold draft brew.

Well, how can you possibly convert a mini refrigerator into a  kegerator? What you will need is just some basic hand tools, a refrigerator of course and a kegerator conversion kit. Please note as well, you will need to make sure that 2.5 gallons can fit on your fridge. There should be a hose from the back of the refrigerator that is plugged into a tube coming out of the little shell that makes the freezer location. You will need to drill some holes and spray an insulation foam on the gaps between the cover and the fridge. Allow it to dry for an hour or so. Then you can adjust the regulator to a range of 10 – 12 psi. Take note that, it is recommended to keep it at 12 psi and turning it clockwise increases the output pressures. Once you are done, you can now serve your best cold draft beer. Other types of fridge can also be converted as long as you have the materials you needed and then follow the step by step guide for setting it up or installation. There’s a lot of websites that you can go to buy your stuff or even buy the ready-made kegerator itself. One website you can visit is If you wanted a stylish type and high-quality kegerators, it is also available at But of course, why buy a new one if you can just convert your own existing fridge. It is more economical and simpler. If you are trying to be artistic and want to be that “Do It Yourself” person. Go grab and purchase that kegerator conversion kit now.

Now that you have the knowledge on what a kegerator is and how does it work. You will probably be going to be excited about getting one for yourself. Small or big parties, this one would be cool too. With the economy that is really tough yet you cannot stop yourself from drinking beer. This kegerator is a catch. For people who want to relax at home and enjoy those draft beers in just a tap of your fingers, this one’s for you.

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