Sanyo BC1206 Kegerator Beer Cooler Review 2018

The Sanyo BC1206 Kegerator Beer Cooler comes in an elegant design in sleek black color. This single tap kegerator can hold a half barrel keg and is equipped with a 5-lb CO2 mechanism that features a draft arm, a regulator, and a pressure gauge.The unit also ships with a cleaning kit.

The Sanyo BC1206 Kegerator Beer Cooler is designed for home use, it is quiet and energy-efficient, and comes with casters for easy movement from one part of the home to another. Unlike other kegerators in this price range, if you don’t want the NA sankey adaptor (The one for nearly every beer in the US) you can send it in and they will give you the one of your choice.


Sanyo BC1206 Kegerator Beer Cooler Features

  • 6.5 cubic feet capacity
  • Can hold up to half-barrel keg
  • Sleek black chrome design with casters for mobility and portability
  • CO2 tap system with draft arm, pressure gauge and regulator
  • Cleaning kit included

Sanyo BC1206 Kegerator Beer Cooler Reviews

If you love your beer so much, it’s only natural that you get the best there is for when you need a cold brew on tap. As far as kegerator models go, this is a well priced unit , but quality and performance are not compromised. For home brewers and beer lovers, this is a nifty addition to the home.

It looks sleek and elegant and can add some pizzazz to any room in the house, but its casters also enable it to be moved to where the party’s at. The temperature does not flag, no matter how hot it gets outside. When this beer cooler said it can keep your beer cold, it does keep it very cold. And fresh, too, thanks largely to the CO2 mechanism that features a Sankey keg tapper, a draft arm, a regulator and a pressure gauge.

This keg cooler does away with the need of bottling home brews. Add to that a guide that comes with the product providing some information on which kegs to purchase, then this is the perfect recipe for beer connoisseurs out there.

It can also hold kegs of varying designs such as Budweiser and Coors kegs and is very easy to assemble, and the cleaning kit sweetens the pot even more.

Be aware that there are several negative reviews for this kegerator which complained about receiving this keg cooler with dents and scratches. The problem lies with the packaging provided by Sanyo – not the delivery couriers used by Amazon. As with all on-line products this problem with shipping needs to be balanced with the price of the unit. Please read all Amazon reviews on this beer refrigerator before making your final purchasing decision.

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