Great Northern 7975 Frosty-Keg Stainless Steel Kegerator Review 2018

The Great Northern 7975 Stainless Steel Kegerator takes pride in being one of the few keg coolers that boast a dual regulator, letting you know both the pressure (PSI) and CO2 levels so you never run out of gas. Its CO2 bottle can supply up to 4 large kegs of beer that are guaranteed to stay fresh for up to 3 months!

Although it is for indoor use only, it is equipped with four casters that you can use to easily move it around the house, into the yard or poolside, and back in again.

The Great Northern 7975 Stainless Steel Kegerator’s fully adjustable temperature controls allow you to choose you settings to perfect beer temperature. Minor assembly of this unit is required.


Great Northern Stainless Kegerator Features

  • Premium dual gauge system
  • Large capacity CO2 bottle
  • Performance grade CO2 delivery system
  • Sleek and stylish stainless steel design
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Castors for mobility

Great Northern Stainless Kegerator Reviews

The sleek stainless steel design will be the first thing you will notice about this unit. However, there is more to the Great Northern 7975 Frosty Keg Stainless Steel Beer Dispenser Refrigerator than meets the eye. While other kegerators only have a gauge to show you the pressure (PSI) levels, this comes with another gauge to indicate the CO2 level. In this manner, you will know when you need to refill the CO2 bottle or not just yet.

The CO2 bottle’s capacity is enough to supply up to 4 kegs of beer and keep them fresh for 3 months. As a refrigerator, it comes with a fully adjustable temperature control, allowing the beer to stay cold without getting icy.

One Reviewer lauds this refrigerator’s ability to provide him with cold beer whenever he wants it, and since getting this kegerator, he is now able to sample different draft beers he has never tried before.

The complaints about the temperature control vary, though. One claimed it could not go below 50 degrees F; another said it cannot go lower than 38 degrees F. However, this boils down to each one’s personal preference as to how cold they want their beers to be.

The unit comes with an instruction manual for assembly, but setting it up is relatively easy. Most of the negative reviews mention the instruction manual being terrible, or the instructions being “vague”, as user Skeeter put it. This may cause the assembly a little longer than desired, but once it is up and running, you’d have a full-performance kegerator and beer dispenser.

For portability, it comes with four heavy-duty casters so moving it won’t be a problem, especially when you’re throwing a poolside party or an indoor gathering. This is a good feature, considering the specifications say it is for indoor use only.

This unit, though half the price of similar brands of kegerator, can very much hold its own.

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