Four of the Best Kegerators 2019

For people who love beer, they definitely know what a kegerator is. But for the knowledge of those who don’t know it yet, let me give you a little background.

Know that small refrigerator like 5 cubic sized?  A person with that wide imagination has transformed it into a beer dispenser. That’s what we call now a kegerator. So, basically, it is a refrigerator that was altered to be able to store kegs. By storing the kegs in the refrigerator, it keeps it carbonated and fresh for months. Like literally a couple of months. These kegerators make it each drinker save money and at the same time enjoy while at home.

This article is all about the best kegerators in the market. If you have that perfect beer, it definitely needs a quality appliance to store it. That is why knowing which kegerator to get is so important. Or else you’ll just end up having that nice beer into waste.

Having a high-quality kegerator will surely keep your beer as perfect as it was. Of course with the accurate CO2 controls and temperature. We have gone our way to find the best kegerators for you. This guide will help each of you to figure out which one to buy.

Now, let me present to you the Best Kegerators of 2018.

  1. EDGESTAR KC1000
  2. EDGESTAR KC2000
  3. EDGESTAR KC3000

Here are the details of each of them:



If you want a compact kegerator, then this one’s for you. It can store and dispense ⅙  or the Cornelius keg sizes. It is well equipped and the most reliable amongst the kegerator on the same category.

Pros :

It has been built solidly and you thought because it is compact it will be cheap? Well, that is not how it is with the KC1000. It has a stainless steel tower, D-coupler, and faucet. It can do heavy duty for a non-commercialized unit.  It is well designed to do the heavy job. The ⅙ barrel or Cornelius keg is fitted to its little space. Only a single room for the keg and the CO2 tank. Because of that, it runs smoothly and efficiently

Being so compact, you can place it anywhere your house, office or a small room. Exact measurements are 32.7” height x 17.5” width x 20.1” dimension.

The EdgeStar is a complete set to keep you going. It includes a single gauge regulator, a 2.5-pound empty CO2 tank, a 3/16” and 5/16” beer lines and a faucet or tower assembly. It also includes the manual for easy setup. Like anyone can go on and have it connected in a few minutes only. With the stainless steel door, hidden controls and the blue tinted internal LED lighting. It definitely looks so good, classy and without a doubt putting it on your space. It has a reversible door and it cools perfectly and keeps everything in it consistent. It has explicit digital control while most kegerators at this price do not allow you to choose a specific temperature because what they have is a control knob. It has a circulating fan that keeps the temperature even inside it. The controls are found inside the door that avoids kids from accidentally adjusting the settings in your kegerator. Plus, a built-in lock. An extra thing, a dip tray is included which saves you time from buying one separately. It has a 1-year warranty.

Cons :

This kegerator is good but you need to purchase a set of fittings. Remember that this is a compact kegerator so it cannot fit anything larger than the single ⅙ or Cornelius keg. You cannot mount it as well on casters or any built-in cabinets. Better put it on any corner. With EdgeStar the reliability is not that impressive but somehow is relatively free from problems according to those who had used it. Just ensure to get an extended warranty for this one.


The Edgestar KC2000 is a good pick for those who want an extra room for kegs. You can choose either black or stainless steel finish and a choice to have one or two taps.

Pros  :

It is almost similar to KC1000 but a little larger. It has enough room for a ½ and ¼ size of kegs. Selecting twin tap will give you twice of the ⅙ Cornelius kegs at once. For beer lovers this would be a must, it will definitely fit anything you buy.

The inside is wide open for you to decide how you want it configured. The KC200 almost has the same features from the KC1000. It has stainless steel doors, drip tray, couplings, tower, the compact design is at  48 1/2 “ x 20 1/10” x 24 13/16”. It also includes the  CO2  canister which is empty and can carry 5 pounds. It has a guardrail on its edges that would prevent the glass from falling or knocked on and a protective floor plate on the interiors. It has mounted caster wheels for easy moving. Comes with a 1-year warranty and more reliable than smaller kegerators.

Cons :

No digital controls,  it does not have interior lights or even the door lock. That’s a little frustrating.  The CO2 is on the outside which some people may not want it. The temperature may take a while to be right.  You cannot have this built in too plus there is no fan on the inside that makes it a bit less.  The fittings are not that good and the regulator atrocious that may need to be replaced.


This one could be one of the best recommendations.

Pros :

It has almost the same size of the KC2000 with the measurement of  33 ½” H x 23 ⅝ ” W x  23 ⅜ “ D  without its rail or tower. It fits ½, ¼,  ⅙  and Cornelius kegs. You can actually get 3 ⅙  Cornelius kegs at one time. The interiors are almost the same except that it has two shelves. Which means it is convertible to if you want it as a beer cooler. It can take up to 32 degrees as you like which is pretty impressive for this kind of kegerator. It has digital controls for easy setup. Although it does not have a record of long-term use it is still better compared to others.

Cons :

This one doesn’t have internal fans too, SO, though it is kind of spacious you cannot store foods other than bottles or cans. You may need a 6” clearance from the back since the CO2 is on the outside too. This kegerator is too noisy. Maybe because it is bigger and has a bigger compressor.


Kegco is ideal for commercial use but can be a good pick for home drinkers. Having the stainless steel interior and a big room for a full-size keg or you may get smaller kegs at once.

Aside from being spacious,  Kegco is efficient and powerful. It has an enormous compressor plus a circulating fan. Which makes it cool evenly through the interior. You won’t need a tower cooler for this because the coolness can reach its tower. One big difference of this to other recommendations we have is that this can be built into home bars or kitchen because of its front facing ventilation.

So, that’s it. If you want a compact and not that big space for your beer then get the   EdgeStar KC1000. The  KC2000 would be a good choice if you want a little larger. Go for the KC3000 if you want the best stand-alone unit. Now if you want to build it then go for the Kegco.

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