Four of the Best Double Kegerators 2019

Ever experience a beer drinking session having a not so chilled bottle. Or maybe filling in ice cubes on a glass and pour in your drink only to taste it differently as the ice melts.  It is a major let down for some passionate beer drinkers in either on a bar or just at home. But now we say goodbye to those times and are thankful for kegerators. This may not be an ideal appliance for some and may find it expensive or dispensable but for a smooth fun experience, investing in one of these things is really worthwhile.



EdgeStar KC1000

This is the most reliable and convenient because it is compact having a dispensing of the size of only 1/6 barrel or Cornelius keg. The model is made from stainless steel tower, with a faucet and D-coupler. It is very efficient and takes up only a little space that you can fit anywhere having the dimension of 32.7 inches in height, 17.5 inches in width and 20.1 inches in diameter. The best choice for someone having a small lounge to share some after work relaxation with friends. It also comes with a single gauge regulator, a 2.5lb Carbon dioxide tank, two different beer lines that measure up as 3/16 inches and 5/16 inches together with a faucet assembly. And so it as an easy breezy set up even for amateurs. In a few minutes it will be ready which is made possible because of the very helpful Instruction guide that is laid out vividly. To spice up the classy look, there is an internal LED lighting reflecting a blue tint easily accessed by hidden controls. Quite amazing controls even for the temperature setting as most of it are digital. It consistently keeps things cool with a circulation fan and specific temperature options to keep the coolness well distributed. The temperature can be as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit, low enough even for lagers. These controls are well embedded in the reversible doors with a built-in lock too. A bonus is the drip tray that may present as an additional expense in other models as it is sold separately. It has been rated with a four and a half star and has been the best seller so far.


This is a nice pick for those who prefer larger kegs and more cooling power. It is available as a stainless steel or in a black finish with the options of having a twin-tip model that can hold twice that of the 1/6 Cornelius kegs at the same time. Such a versatile product because it assures the perfect fit for whatever size of the kind of beer mixture you want to have. Quite similar to the previous product it is compact with a drip tray that has a stainless steel door with couplings tap and tower. The dimension is 48 ½ inches in height, with a width of 20 1/10 inches and a diameter of 24 13/16 inches. It has a few upgrades in comparison to the previous model in that it includes guard rail around the edges thus to prevent glasses from knocked over or even from falling. In the interior of the kegerator is a protective floor plate that enables you to securely place the kegs around but in the same sense protect the whole fridge unit.

The product has a 1-year warranty but is so handy that you can easily move it around your kitchen or lounge because it is mounted in caster wheels.

On a different note, this model has no digital controls or an interior light and door lock. It operates in a dial to make you choose the temperature setting differently.  So this unit is fairly basic and simple yet has a large amount of space at a reasonable price.

EdgeStar KC3000

This model is the greatest pick for a beer at home and the most reliable in comparison to other low-cost kegerators. The product comes in both single and double tap designs with all the room for whatever the keg of choice. As I have mentioned of its spacious quality, it even has a similar dimension in numbers of the previous model KC2000. It has 33 ½ inches in height, 23 5/8 inches in width and 23 3/8 inches in diameter. Other features included in the model is the aluminum plate to protect the floor and make switching the kegs more conveniently. It comes with attached caster wheels for convenient mobility of the product, a similar guard rail the carbon dioxide tank, and drip tray. All are combined in either finish design with a similar interior with two shelves that may be used to exchange the kegerator into a plain beer cooler as the need arises. The temperature setting can go far down as 32 degrees with a deep chill mode to make the beer ready in no time at all. It has impressive digital controls to give precision that which makes the price difference more reasonable. The specific temperature allows you to set it appropriately in the dial control and rather than avoiding the fuss of overdoing it and waste the keg of beer. This is by far the largest unit of the kegerator and with this in mind clearing enough space is essential before the setup. The clearance should be at least 6 inches at the back since the carbon dioxide tank is externally mounted.

Now for those that are after the ones for cabinetry or countertops, there is a particular unit that matches this criterion. For a home bar or a smaller area to fit in a different model is the Kegco model.

Kegco HK28BSC

This model is the perfect fit for passionate home drinkers. It is powerful and efficient with a massive compressor, a circulation fan that cools down evenly throughout the interior as well as pushes some of it to the tower. With this, you actually don’t need a tower cooler.  It has a stainless steel interior and spacious enough for a full-size keg. The product is really reliable with front-facing ventilation and fits flush against a back wall.

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