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EdgeStar KC7000SSODTRIP Review

EdgeStar Kegerator KC7000SSODTRIP Review

Well, the EdgeStar Full Sized Kegerator might be not the kegerator you would purchase to take it with you to a friend’s party. If you have a large patio with a space covered with a canopy where you can install a kegerator, to drink a beer while watching soccer, you might consider buying this kegerator.

Keep in mind that a home kegerator cannot be installed outdoors. That’s what outdoor kegerators are for. The reason is that high temperatures or any other weather phenomenon will stress the compressor of an indoor unit, reduce its lifespan, and prevent the machine from reaching the desired temperature. As a result, you will have a spoiled beer full of foam. Many indoor kegerators work properly in room climates (mid-70°F). For climates over 85°F or under 50°F, you’ll be better off with an outdoor model. This EdgeStar meets those requirements having an extra insulation and built-in sturdiness to endure hostile environments.

This kegerator has an elegant and slightly industrial design. This simplicity can be a benefit since it doesn’t have nooks and crannies nor ornaments to clean. Cleaning is done easy and expedient. Anyway, you should read my previous story about the King of Kegs, where I relate how a proper cleaning and maintenance after using prolongs the machine’s lifespan and keep it valuable.

You can not just pour one fresh draft beer at a time, but three different tastes of reviving cold beer. Not one or two, but three taps to pour the brew you feel like drinking at the time. It can be installed in your living room, the patio, a roofless kitchen, garage, workshop, and even in your dinner room. There are some people that may consider the last choice. NOTE: If you are planning to set it up at your workshop, choose the opposite side of the room from the heavy-duty tools. And installation is as easy as A, B, C. It comes with a manual that can help you through it.

One thing you should know is that by buying beer in kegs you are saving up to 50% the cost of the same net weight of beer in bottles or cans. The way economy is going, it is a point to consider for beer lovers. A beer dispenser holding a half barrel keg can serve up to 165 12-oz glasses of beer. And if glasses are made of glass and not disposable plastic, that’s another saving. And it’s ecofriendly too. Anyway, red cups are indispensable for a real beer party.

Freestanding models cannot be installed. The reason is that the back of the machine tends to warm up, and the heat would be caught in the cabinet. The EdgeStar KC7000SSODTRIP has a frontal ventilation that solves this problem. A forced-air system keeps the temperature of the beer low and even throughout the machine. As a result, you get cold and smoothly flowing beer at any time.

Beer cooling

First, keep in mind this is not only for beer. You can load the machine with stout or any kind of brew. You may like a fresh stout as well as an icy lager. The temperature required can be easily set with the inbuilt thermostat that descends up to 32 degrees. You can put a root beer keg for the responsible driver. Setting temperatures properly is fundamental for a correct drink pouring. A warm beer comes out full of foam. The thermostat is really worth the cost of the product if it prevents the beer from spoiling in foam. TIP: Keep glasses in the refrigerator or the freezer for a more delicious drink.

Technical aspects and components

It comes with a 5-pound CO2 empty tank. Find out where you can fill it before you purchase. Re-fillers are more economical.

  • A double gauge regulator
  • Three D Sankey couplers
  • Three NSF approved PVC Beer lines
  • Three red CO2 lines
  • A stainless-steel tower with three taps
  • Three stainless-steel faucets for the column
  • Three black tap grips

It also includes a stainless-steel drip tray, a guard rail and four wheels in the case you want to use it as a portable kegerator instead of installing it. Wheels are good even when installed since you can move it forwards to clean when the beer is poured out and back again. Old solid beer smell is really unpleasant, even for hard drinkers. NOTE: Consider the additional height provided by the wheels when managing your space. You don’t want little room left for the faucet, the guard rail and the drip tray.

Using this device is very simple. All adjustments such as cooling and inner light are perfectly done with the digital control panel that integrates a temperature display and push buttons. You have LED cold lights inside the appliance to see your kegs. They are low-consumption and don’t affect the performance of the cooling system.

Like cutting-edge refrigerators, the KC7000SSODTRIP has a reversible door. You can install it to swing to the hand you want it to. It has holes in both sides for your choice. If it will be installed surrounded by other cabinets, then it will be nice to have the door of the new member swinging to the most convenient direction.

These are the kegs that can fit into the KC7000SSODTRIP

  • 1 full sized keg for 165 12-oz glasses.
  • 1 oversized beveled edge keg for 82 12 oz glasses.
  • ¼ barrel keg for 82 12-oz glasses.
  • ¼ slim barrel keg for 82 12-oz glasses.
  • 1 to 3 sixth barrel kegs for 56 12-oz glasses each sixth.
  • 1 to 3 Cornelius kegs for 53 12-oz glasses each keg.
  • ¼ slim barrel + sixth barrel keg
  • ¼ slim barrel + 1 Cornelius keg.

Having three different sixths in your kegerator, you will get a different beer from each one of them. That will blow your pals minds.

Check sizes: Since kegerator capacities vary from model to model, some units don’t support certain keg brads. For example, Coors and Miller kegs are considered oversized for having an overlap that keeps them from fitting into some kegerators. You should check your kegerator’s width to ascertain if the keg will fit in it. Appliances with a general width of 23” or more can hold light brands. Take your time to measure the kegs before you buy one.

Includes a 1-year warranty and a manual with simple setup instruction that you can also download from the brand’s site.

Dimensions of the unit are: 34,3 inches high by 23,8 inches wide by 25,3 inches deep.

Inner sizes are a bit smaller than that. I read some feedbacks saying that standard size kegs didn’t fit into the EdgeStar. Make sure to know the exact dimensions of the kegerator before you purchase. Ask the manufacturer whether your favorite brand’s keg fits. Sizes may vary in some brands and therefore it’s uncertain. Anyway, there’s a list available of the kegs the brand claims would fit.

With 120 watts and 1,03 amperes, it works on a battery pack. Be careful, anyway, when you take it out. It would be better if you transport the machine empty and the kegs separately in a cooler and set it up once you reach your destination. Anyway, the best use you can make of this unit is as a built-in.

Voltage: 115 volts, 60 hertz

It weighs 115Lbs, so you can put it on the back of your truck if you need to.

After the product arrives, unpack it, set it up, turn it on and wait 24 hours before loading a keg. Only for cool beer. But apart from that, nothing stops you from enjoying tasty cold beer.

Kegerator Cleaning Kit

Beer and Cleanliness go together well

We recommend you buy this specially made Kegerator Cleaning equipment.

When you go shopping to a brewery, the main aspect that states the authenticity of the store is the cleanliness of the space all products are stored in. The cleaning equipment will help you have your beer tasty and as freshly bought. Its function is removing heaps of bacteria, mold, yeast and sediment from the beer column, faucet, and coupler. It is fundamental that you schedule a serious cleaning routine to keep all parts pristine.

It comes with a ¼ bottle of beer line cleaning fluid which will do for about 17 applications.

A 5/8-inch nylon brush will remove the hardest bacteria accumulations in the coupler and faucet.

A Check Ball Lifter enters the lower side of the coupler probe and lifts the check ball, allowing the cleaning fluid to run through the coupler while removing all impurity content. This way you don’t have to remove the coupler in the cleaning process and you do it faster. It includes an additional neoprene washer and faucet wrench which are helpful additions in the event you lose the original pieces.

A practical manual provides clear instructions for the proper use of the cleaner, and after some 15 minutes you can enjoy a hygienic kegerator dispensing crystalline beer for you. In the case of a kegerator with three taps and lines like this one, cleaning can take a little longer. But believe me, cleanliness of taps and lines is imperative. Actually, the more often you clean it, the faster the process becomes. It will be harder if you let the garbage settle down for a few holidays. Then it will need some rubbing and pumping. Boiling the parts to kill bacteria will just spoil them, so don’t try it. I bring this up because I have a friend whose wife did just that supposing they were like jam jars.

In conclusion, clean lines and taps after every use. Mop up spills as well. The casing is stainless steel, so water won’t damage it. Don’t use abrasive cleaners.

NSF approved it

Hope you liked this EdgeStar Full Size Triple Tap Built-In Outdoor Kegerator review. If you decided to buy this model or already have one, please leave a feedback for other users to know how was your experience.

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