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Dual Kegerators Review

What is a kegerator? It is redesigned or altered refrigerator used as storage and dispenser of kegs. In placing a keg to a refrigerated environment and using carbon dioxide to pressurize and dispense the keg, its contents are kept fresh and carbonated for a long period of time.

Kegerators are made for both residential and commercial use.  But, did you know that there is a technology that will reconfigure a refrigerator into a kegerator? That is thru a kegerator conversion kit. Not all refrigerators are designed to be reconfigured into a kegerator, because it demands a bigger room for a keg to fit inside along with the dispense system.  The purpose of a kegerator is to dispense draft beer, but today they are also used to dispense wine, cold brew coffee and kombucha.


Top Rated Dual Tap, 5 Gallon, Affordable, Compact, Home and Commercial Brands

We have been through searching for the best kegerators in the market today. We made comparisons of different models and brands that are found in the market. Our bases for the best choices are the units that hold the best quality, reliable cooling, and convenient key storage. More importantly, we consider the best price available.

In this guide we will be providing a thorough review of the 4 best kegerators found in the market. We will be giving important details and features that you look for in a kegerator unit. May this guide, help you choose the best.

1. EdgeStar KC1000

The KC1000 unit is our best choice for anyone who wants a compact kegerator. It is intended for storing and dispensing 1/6 or Cornelius keg size. This is the most reliable model when it comes to this category size.


  • Built with a stainless steel tower, faucet and D-coupler
  • A heavy-duty for a non-commercial unit.
  • Compact that it can hold a single 1/6 barrel of Cornelius keg
  • EdgeStar takes a small footprint and is very efficient
  • Compact Dimension of 32.7” H x 17.5″ W x 20.1″ D
  • Comes with a single gauge regulator
  • 2.5 lbs CO2 empty tank and 3/16inch and 5/16 inch beer lines
  • Easy to set-up
  • A classy stainless steel door exterior, internal LED lighting with blue tint and hidden controls.
  • Reversible doors
  • EdgeStar has precise digital controls located inside the door
  • Built-in lock
  • Comes with drip tray
  • 1-year warranty


  • Need to purchase additional set of fittings for ball-lock home brew kegs.
  • Compact size cannot accommodate larger kegs
  • Not meant to be mounted on casters, or built into cabinet or countertops

2. EdgeStar KC2000

This is the midrange pick, for those who does not want a much larger keg and can’t provide a wider space. The price is just between the compact and the high-end picks. This unit is perfect choice who wants some extra room and cooling power without spending a premium for digitally controlled units. The KC2000 is available in both stainless steel and black finish choices. It can be set up with two taps option.


  • Basically larger than the KC1000
  • Can hold a ½ and ¼ sized kegs
  • In the twin-tap model, you can have 2 1/6 Cornelius kegs
  • No cutout for the CO2 cartridge.
  • The canister is mounted at the back
  • Comes with stainless steel door, couplings, and tower
  • Drip tray
  • Compact design with the size of 48 1/2” x 20 1/10” x 24 13/16”
  • Includes one empty CO2 canister (5 pound)
  • Complete accessories including hose, fittings
  • Presence of guard rail around the edges to prevent glasses from falling
  • Comes with a protective floor plate for the interior.
  • The mobility is easy because of the caster wheels
  • 1-year warranty


  • No digital controls
  • No interior light of door lock
  • Dial type setting
  • Brands like Coors, Miller, rubberized and oversized kegs need not apply

3. EdgeStar KC3000

EdgeStar KC3000 is the best recommendation for a kegerator. But this is not intended for built-in purposes like putting into your home bar. This unit gives you all the space given by KC2000. This unit has the digital precision and convenience that a KC1000 can provide. It has single and double tap versions; therefore it is a better option for your home.


  • Compact dimension of 33-a/2IN x 23-5/8inch x 23-3/8Inch
  • KC3000 can fit a 1/2 , ¼ and 1/6 and Conelius keg
  • Presence of caster wheels for mobility and the same guard rail, CO2 tank, drip tray, and finish options.
  • Aluminium plate to protect the floor that makes the switching of kegs easier
  • The kegerator comes with two shelves that allow you to convert the kegerator from beer into a cooler as needed.
  • Can give up to 32 degrees of temperature.
  • A precise appliance with the presence of digital controls.
  • KC3000 let you dial in specific temperatures rather than fiddling with a dial.
  • 1-year warranty


  • Non-presence of internal fan.
  • Has a single gage capacity therefore; not helpful to have two taps
  • A large unit, you need at least 6 inches of clearance at the back.

​4. Kegco HK38BSC

The first Top Three models mentioned above are not designed to be built in into cabinetry or countertops. If you are planning to put it into your home bar, you must choose a kegerator that can be built in and this Kegco model is a perfect choice.

The Kegco kegerator is mainly for commercial use. The stainless steel interior can room a fool-sized keg. Aside from being spacious, Kegco is also powerful and efficient.


  • Can accommodate a full-sized keg
  • It has a massive compressor and a circulation fan
  • It cools evenly throughout the interior
  • It forces cool air into the tower
  • Kegco can be convert into a home bar and a kitchen cabinetry
  • Front-facing ventilation


For people who only need to store and pour from smaller kegs, the EdgeStar KC1000 is the best choice for you. It is compact and easy to install. Although it is not that affordable, the cost will be offset eventually by the durability and longer lifespan that the unit can provide.

When you want to use larger kegs such as ½ and ¼ in size, the EdgeStar KC2000 is the better option for you. It will give you a larger space to work with for a lower price. It is also versatile because it uses 2 taps.

Now, if you want the best unit, choose EdgeStar KC3000. A bit larger than the KC2000 but it allows you to get an extra small keg. It is more precise compared to the KC2000 because the temperature can be controlled digitally. 

Lastly, the Kegco Kegerator is intended for your home bar or kitchen. It can be built-in and a well-made unit.

The price of kegerators ranges from around $300 to $2000 plus. Our recommendations belong in the lower half of that range since new buyers consider it impractical to purchase a kegerator with a price larger than $1000. 

Consider your beer:

Before you make the final purchase, make sure to put into consideration the beers you drink on a regular basis. Be aware of the ideal temperature so that you can choose the model that will maintain those conditions.

You have to think about the keg sizes in the market and which size would you like to buy. This will narrow your options in choosing the right unit for your home.

Lastly, let be known that some kegerators are not compatible with some certain kegs.

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