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Having a beer drinking session with friends is one of the most relaxing things to do after a busy week from work.  It is good to have a pint or two of beer every day for it helps your body relax and reduce the stress level you feel from work.  Relaxation can help your body to recharge in order for you to optimize your body and be able to work enthusiastically again in the next few days.

Beer is one of the most consumed drinks in the world.  Everyone loves to drink beer.  Who doesn’t love to drink beer?  In every gatherings or party, there is always ice cold beer to be served.  There are people who store beer in their house because they regularly drink beer every day.  Sometimes they find it inconvenient to buy beer every day and store so many bottles or cans in the refrigerator.  And another thing is they find it very expensive to buy beer in bottles and cans. 

Before, storing of beers is quite difficult because there is no equipment that could help to store beer in kegs.  Purchasing beers in kegs or barrel is a lot of beer but then it is less expensive than buying it in bottles or cans.   For a beer lover, they find it more practical to buy beers in kegs than buying every day in stores. 

And there is great news for these people who love to drink beer.  There is now appliances that can help them store beer to its full potential for at least a couple of months.   A kegerator is a refrigerator which stores a keg of beer.  It helps in the preservation of the beer which can last for a couple of months.  And buying a kegerator for your beer makes it more enjoyable.      

There are so many kinds of kegerator being sold in stores.  We are here to help you choose the best kegerator for your beer. It is a must that you have to buy the best kegerator for you to enjoy your beer.  As mentioned above, kegerator helps you store your beer in kegs in a constant temperature that could make your beer fresh and cold for at least a couple of months.  You should make sure that the kegerator that you will buy is of good quality because it would be a waste of a keg of beer if it cannot store your beer.  The taps should also be in good quality that could give you a pint every time you tap it.   

We researched the different kinds of kegerator that are being sold in the stores today.  We will compare and contrast the different brands so that you will see which one is best for you.  And we will discuss here the different prices so that you will know which one is best for you according to your budget without compromising the quality of the kegerator. 


Here ​are the Top Picks Kegerator  Reviews

  1.  EdgeStar KC1000
  2.  EdgeStar KC2000
  3. EdgeStar KC3000
  4. Kegco HK38BSC

EdgeStar KC1000

If you need a compact kegerator, getting this EdgeStar KC1000 is the best choice.  According to reviews, EdgeStar KC1000 is the most dependable and complete appliance that is capable of keeping and providing 1/6 or Cornelius keg sizes of beer.  The body is solid and it has a stainless steel tower, faucet, and D-coupler that is sturdy for a personal use unit. 

It is not space consuming (32.7” H x 17.5″ W x 20.1″ D) and can hold a single keg and a CO2 tank so it will not be a problem for you to place it in your dining area if you have a small place or even in your lounge in your office. 

It is also very easy to set up.  It includes a manual wherein you can follow thoroughly so that you can set it up accurately.  The EdgeStar KC1000 design is practically good that it can add a classic feel to your place.  The stainless door and the internal LED light look great in your dining area or lounge.

Thermostat wise, this EdgeStar KC1000 has precise digital controls that help in keeping the temperature consistent and even inside the device. You can adjust it to as low as 32 degrees F.  We advise that you put it in dark spots or not directly to sunlight or warm spot to maintain a low temperature because some reviews say that they cannot make it as cold as they wanted.  So to be safe and sure just put it in a cool spot.

It is also safe for children because it has a built-in lock so you are assured that they cannot open it accidentally.  It also includes a drip tray so you are assured that you spilled beer is catch safely.  It is also covered with 1-year warranty only so make sure you will get an add-on to have a longer warranty period so that some problems can be covered by the warranty.

EdgeStar KC2000

If you want to get a more expensive and larger model of kegerator you can pick EdgeStar’s KC2000.  EdgeStar KC2000 can carry a larger keg.  It will occupy a larger space also but then if you have enough extra space for kegerator then it is a good choice for you.  It is a good choice if you have enough money and wants to have extra room for your beer keg.  This model is great if you store more beers in your place.

EdgeStar KC2000 comes in two designs.  You can get a stainless steel model or with a black finish.    You can also get a double-tap model so it will be a great deal. It looks identical with EdgeStar KC1000 but larger.  But of course, there are upgrades in KC2000 kegerator.  The glasses are safe because it has guard rails around the edges.  It has also a safe plate protecting a floor of the fridge unit. It is also wheeled for easy transport as you can easily move it around your place.

But then EdgeStar KC2000 does not have digital control, so you cannot get an exact temperature for the beer. And it does not have interior light and a built-in lock.   CO2 tank is outside the kegerator so you need extra space for it.   It has no fan unlike the EdgeStar KC1000 and the compressor is loud that it can disturb your sleep if you install it near your room.  The fittings are not reliable so if you want a better fitting you have to but a reliable one and replace it.

EdgeStar KC3000

EdgeStar KC3000 is a combination of EdgeStar KC1000 and EdgeStar KC2000.  So if you have extra money the top pick for a kegerator is EdgeStar KC3000.  It is a large kegerator that will give you enough room for your beer keg just like with the EdgeStar KC2000 and it has a digital control which gives you the precise temperature for cooling and convenience just like with EdgeStar KC1000.  You can also choose between single-tap and double-tap models like in EdgeStar KC2000.  EdgeStar KC3000 is the best choice for kegerator at home.

In this model of the kegerator, you can enjoy the beer as well as you can fit anything inside because it has a big room for kegs.  It has the same features with EdgeStar KC2000 in terms of rail guards, protective floor plate and wheels for easy transport.  It has shelves inside you can use to cool your beer.  It has a fast chill mode if you need to cool your beer in an unplanned party with a large group of people. 

The digital control like in EdgeStar KC1000 is a great feature because you can easily and precisely adjust the temperature to your desired settings.  But it has no internal fan like the EdgeStar KC1000.

We cannot guarantee reliability with this model so we recommend that you purchase a third party warranty to get a better perspective.  Though it is not guaranteed to be reliable, it is still considered to be a good investment compared to other models of the kegerator.

Kegco HK38BSC

The Kegco HK38BSC is not meant for personal/ home use but it is made for commercial use.  But then some beer drinkers also prefer this model because it is convenient for them to store large or full-sized kegs.  It has a stainless steel interior, which makes it efficient and sturdy.  It cools evenly in the interior and also in the tower so there is no need for a tower cooler.  These models can be built into a home bar or kitchen cabinet.  These commercial models of kegerator are not always reliable compared to the home-use models of the kegerator.  

As we discussed each model, have you decided which of these kegerators are the best for you?  You have to consider your budget when you want to shop for a kegerator.  The more expensive it is the better quality you can get.  The most important thing is that it can store the number of beer kegs you got and it can definitely make your beer cool as you want it.

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