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Best Wine Coolers – Buyer’s Guide

Not every wine enthusiast needs to spend the money on the best wine cooler that takes up half of your basement. But at the same time, your collection of special wines needs something a little more effective for storage than your every-day mini fridge.

The wine cooler may be exactly what you. Specifically designed to chill various wines in one convenient location, the best wine coolers which are also known as wine refrigerators or wine chillers, became very popular.

Wine drinkers prefer to buy coolers for their functionality as well as their fashionable designs. Most wine coolers can be adjusted to chill wines anywhere between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. However, some can chill to just above 40 degrees, for those who enjoy white and sparkling wines.

If you are looking to buy a wine cooler for your home, you want to make sure the cooler you are purchasing is a machine that you can trust and worthy of storing your collection.


Top 5 Wine Coolers

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Haier 12 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

There is no better value on the market for a state-of-the-art wine cooler than the Haier 12. Whether you’ve already got a smaller wine cooler and storage facility, or you’re new to the market, this offering by Haier is sure to please.

The Haier features the latest in wine-storing technology. It allows you to customize your wine storage with its two compartments that have up to a 12-bottle capacity, allowing you to organize your bottles effectively, and ensure you’ll always know where a particular bottle is. This is one of the best wine coolers.

Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Avanti 12 is the ideal wine cooler for the casual wine drinker who needs a compact cooler that will fit in just about any area in the owner’s home. This thermoelectric wine cooler can bring great value and function to the wine enthusiast.

The 25-inch-by-10-inch wine cooler weighs in at just 30 pounds, which makes it easy to move. The Avanti has one compartment that ranges from 47 degrees Fahrenheit and 64 degrees Fahrenheit for whichever group of wines you are looking to store.FULL REVIEW

Danby 36 Bottle Wine Cooler

The Danby is a spacious 3.3 cubic-foot cooler that holds up to 36 bottles of any variety. The cooler comes with a recessed pocket-style handle allowing it to be placed up against a wall without having any issues of opening in tight spaces.

The combination of price, looks and ability to store large quantities of wine make Danby Cooler the ideal wine cooler if you’re looking to store several bottles in your vast wine collection in one convenient location.FULL REVIEW

Types of Wine Coolers

Single Zone Wine Coolers

Single zone wine coolers generally have one cooling compartment and one temperature control. A single zone model is perfect for those who prefer one type of wine or for starting collectors. Generally, a single zone model is easier to operate and cheaper than most built in dual zone wine coolers.

Most single zone models have enough space for 12-to-18 bottles and have a temperature range between 47 and 62 degrees Fahrenheit. These models closely resemble the standard refrigerator with built in wine cooler you will find in your hotel room, but they are specifically designed for wines with the unique shelf and door designs.

Dual Zone Wine Coolers

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A dual zone built in wine cooler is for the wine enthusiast with a modest collection of both red and white wines that need storing. They are more expensive, but they also offer a variety of different features. The standard dual zone cooler comes with two separate cooling compartments. But dual zone best rated wine coolers also allow you to organize your bottles more effectively than a single zone.

Collecting wine can get pretty complicated with how many different varieties that are available to you. Each different variety has a certain temperature and storage technique to ensure the wine is in the best possible condition. Some red wines like one temperature while others may need another; and the same can be said for white wines.

Some collectors would be wise to keep their collection simple in the early going. You don’t want to waste too much time or money on wines that could go bad because you have not had much practice yet. A built in wine cooler cabinet with dual zone technology is probably meant for those with some wine collecting experience.

A dual zone wine cooler has both compartments with independent temperature controls. The convenience cannot be beaten if you have both red and white wines in your collection. You can store wines in a quiet, cool environment.

You can choose from the best small and large wine coolers to keep a small collection together or who just starting out. If you plan on eventually chilling a larger collection, you might consider investing in a 40 or 50 bottle wine cooler.

If wine isn’t stored at the correct temperature, it can easily go bad, so it is better option to go with the best dual zone wine cooler that is easier to use.

Built in Wine Coolers


A built in wine cooler allows the owner to store the cooler in the standard kitchen cabinet. The ventilation technology for these coolers is such that you can perfectly integrate them with your kitchen cabinets without causing any problems. The design is good for anyone looking to add a small touch of glass to their bar or kitchen.

A built in wine cooler can also be convenient and make for a “one stop shop” if you were to store it under a cabinet or other wall space where you go for other functions in your home. You won’t lose any floor space with a model like this and these models have to feature top-of-the-line cooling technology so that they can be built into small spaces. However, you will have to spend more on this type of cooler than your average free standing wine cooler.

The best built in wine cooler can hold up to 50 bottles and will likely cost around $700 depending on the size. You will be paying for the extra space, essentially.

It is important to survey your home for any spots first, but it’s always a good idea to look at wine cooler design too.

Measure the depth of the spots you are looking at to make sure the cooler can actually fit. Most of today’s built in wine coolers come in depths of 19 to 21 inches. Other things to take into consideration are the thickness of the door and the materials used to cool off wines.

You may also want some bit of leeway for the electrical installation as you may need a little extra space to get the electric components added so they can fully attach themselves to your cooler. It is also important for you to leave a room so you can apply maintenance when necessary.

To optimize wine cooler performance you need to know about best wine cooler repair and maintenance tips.

Free Standing Wine Coolers


While built in wine coolers can cost $700 and above storing up to 50 bottles, a free standing wine cooler with the same capacity may go for closer to $500. These are dependable units and they generally require the less effort when finding a spot in your household. A free standing wine cooler is a cooler that is not built into your home or cabinet.

Under Counter Wine Coolers


Under counter wine coolers are generally 34-inches-by-24 inches and free standing models can be narrower. Most of these excel in maintaining temperature, since they are generally kept in tucked away spaces that aren’t succumbed to great temperature change.

Counter Top Wine Coolers


Countertop wine coolers are generally smaller-capacity units (6-12 bottle wine coolers) and they can be portable. They are designed to be placed on top of a counter. They can also be used as freestanding units.

Buyers Guide

There are many other factors a buyer must consider when purchasing the best wine cooler. While it is hard to cover every factor, the ones listed below are most important to the wine enthusiasts.


The uniformity of the cooler’s temperature is essential when you are thinking of storing your wine collection. Wine can lose quality when stored in a cooler with wide temperature swings. A cooler’s temperature can be affected when stored in an area where temperature changes dramatically (i.e. outdoors).

Ideal storage temperatures depend on the density of wine. Sparkling wines, whites, and reds are best stored from anywhere between 45 degrees Fahrenheit and 65 degrees Fahrenheit, with some wines needed an even cooler temperature.

Single zone wine coolers let cold air sink within the cooler to create different zones. However, more companies are opting for dual zone technology within the units, which allow you to store your wine at different temperatures. Please see the dual zone section for more details.


Whether it is a chrome shelf or a coated wire rack, each model is different in shelving. It really depends on what you prefer. You may also want to have space to store your wines right-side up instead of lying flat. It also recommended that you find a wine cooler with removable shelving.

Some coolers have shelves with narrowly spaced slats that may limit capacity and force bottles to slide/bump into each other. You do not want your bottles to move very much when in storage, as it can damage the quality. This leads directly to the next factor a wine enthusiast must observe when purchasing a cooler.


A noisy wine cooler can send vibrations throughout the item, resulting in unwanted stress for your wine collection. If a wine were to constantly move around, the quality will continue to deteriorate. It can also be a concern if the wine cooler is placed in living areas.

Generally, you do not want your wine cooler to make any more noise than the standard refrigerator. In fact, you want them to be even quieter, depending on the size.


Design can be the most important factor and many wine coolers come in sleek and modern designs. For instance, your best thermoelectric wine cooler can come with attractive wood trim and Blue LED interior lights for ample viewing.

These will compliment all of your modern appliances well if chosen properly. If the cooler you are looking at is not very attractive, you should know there are plenty out there to choose from.

Storage Capacity

Bottle storage capacity is perhaps the simplest feature necessary for evaluating wine coolers. The bottle capacities can range from 6 bottles to over 300 depending on the wine cooler.

Some special wine coolers have unusual bottle capacities, but manufacturers generally list even numbers. It is important to know your inventory when looking at the size of your wine cooler. You do not want to purchase a large wine cooler if your collection does not match. It is simply a waste of money.

The following guidelines on how to store wine at home will help your wines keep the flavor.

Energy Use

Best home wine coolers are not particularly efficient compared to other household electrical appliances. They also are not on the federal government’s Energy Star program. While the temperatures that you choose could increase your bill more or less depending on your preference, some models are more efficient than others.

Some even use twice as much energy as other models. It is important to ask how much a wine cooler can use energy prior to purchasing.

Other features

Best dual zone wine coolers offer digital temperature controls that you can access without opening the door, including touch screens. The settings for red wine and white wine on some wine coolers can also cut out some guesswork. Other models had water bins to maintain a high enough humidity level. This can help corks and labels keep from drying out.

Also look at integrated locks to prevent visitors from tasting your prized vintages, tinted-glass doors that protect your wine from ultraviolet light, adjustable interior lighting and tilt-up shelves to display your prized bottles or to store partially full ones.

Wine coolers can be customized based on your needs. It only takes some research to find the right one.

Price Range

For many, price may be the most important factor for the prospective buyer. The amount of money that you are prepared to spend on the best wine cooler can vary based off of the needs of the shopper. The most basic models range anywhere from $100 to $250, although those normally handle anywhere from 6 to 18 bottles at one time.

On the other hand, you can find some wine coolers that are worth a lot more and have many more features. 40-60 bottle wine coolers can cost $500 to $800. It all depends on how many bottles the buyer needs and/or wants to store in one cooler. Some higher-end best wine cooler brands can be even larger with even more different features and controls. For example, you can find a model that holds up to 120 bottles for $1,400.

Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is always important when making any purchase. For the most part, a good warranty and a detail oriented staff make for quality customer service. You should always check the details of the warranty prior to purchase, and all wine coolers should come with email and telephone customer support.

Places to install a wine cooler

  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Attic
  • Cellar
  • Bar Area
  • Basement
  • Counter


It’s a special day when your brand new wine cooler arrives in the mail. It’s untouched and you get to use it for the first time. Loading in the bottles one by one you have the comfort of knowing that they’re going to be kept at their optimum temperatures. And as long as your cooler is plugged in, your prized wines will be well-preserved.

Keeping each of your wines in a quality storing unit is essential. It is important to keep your wines in the right conditions and choosing the best wine cooler to keep your wines in. You will need a reliable piece of machinery to do it all. This means you will need to find the best wine cooler brand that will keep the temperature stable and consistent over time.

A durable and long-lasting cooler is worth the purchase if you are the wine enthusiast who is looking to keep their wines preserved and comfortable for a long time.

It is also important to keep your wines in the cooler when they need it and keep it away from any light that could hurt the temperature settings. Every wine cooler has its limits and you do not want to hurt this delicate piece of machinery.

Once you have decided on a wine cooler, prep your wines for storage by organizing the group you need chilled. Not every wine needs to be chilled and it is important to know the difference.

A wine cooler also would make the perfect and affordable gift for any friend or loved one with a great passion for wine collecting. Any wine enthusiast will not regret having the elegant and best wine cooler storing a collection of expensive wines. Check the Top 5 best wine coolers on the market below.

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