Best Beverage Coolers – Buyer’s Guide

A standard fridge is designed to hold both food and drinks. It is full of drawers, shelves and compartments. The best beverage coolers, however, are specifically designed to hold cans of beer or soda. And if you rearrange your shelves, you will be able to store even wine bottles. Our expert tested and selected the best options for you.


Our pick

Danby 120

Danby is the best beverage cooler on the marker today, an inexpensive enough to fit into any household budget, and able to hold up to 120 cans of drinks.

The thing that sets Danby 120 Beverage Cooler is that it has a unique integrated lock. This means that you can lock up your wine or beer if you so choose. It even enables you to control the amount of soda that your children have access.

The reversible door makes it perfect for you even if you are left handed. The interior light activates as soon are you open the door. That means that you can see your drinks without turning on an exterior light.

Why do you need a beverage cooler

Perhaps the greatest feature of a built in beverage cooler when you compare it to a fridge is how a beverage cooler keeps your beverages well organized in a manner not found among most fridges. Temperature wise, both a fridge and a beverage cooler keep the same temp.

However, since fridges are used more, they’re more likely to get opened and lose some of that cold temp throughout the day. But with a beverage cooler, the temperature is more likely to remain the same. The glass door of a beverage cooler allows you to see what’s in it with a glance.

Last but not least, a fridge cannot hold the same amount of cans as a beverage cooler. Even if at the same size, home beverage cooler is designed in a way that holds the most at the smallest size capacity.

Budget pick

EdgeStar Supreme Cold

EdgeStar is a budget stainless steel unit that has room for up to a 124 cans. It is perfect for your kitchen or even your poolside.

Top 5 Beverage Coolers


Buyer’s Guide

When you want to keep your beverages organized and chilled to the proper temperature, finding one of the best beverage coolers make the most sense. This unit will keep your cans and bottles of all sizes chilled. Its cooling capacity is the same as a normal fridge or a wine cooler that we use in our kitchens.

Plus point of freestanding est beverage coolers is that it works quietly, that’s the reason people feel comfortable to place it in bedrooms.

So you have to ask yourself, how are you storing your various mixers, beverages, and others home bar accessories? Do you just randomly shove stuff in your kitchen fridge? Are you taking up space in your beer fridge? The best beverage cooler and refrigerator reviews will help you find a better way to keep your home bar stocked.

You’ll be able to keep all of your supplies within reach – and maybe chill a few cans of your preferred beverages at the same time.

There are so many different beverage coolers available and it can be difficult to pick out the perfect one for you. We are here to help you make your decision and help you find your own beverage cooler. We have searched over the market and have the best beverage coolers on the market laid out for you. Our guide will help you pick out the cooler that is right for you.

Benefits of Beverage Cooler

Below we have some benefits listed that you can expect to see when your home bar includes a beverage cooler. This type of appliance could really improve your set-up:

  • You can setup the fridge exactly how you want it. Many models give you adjustable shelving so that you can store cans, bottles, and containers in varying combinations. This allows you to store everything you need for the perfect cocktail in one place while still keeping your beverages cool;
  • Storing your beverages becomes easier. When you store multiple beverages together you are forced to keep your temperature at the warmest setting needed for certain items in the fridge. Having a cooler separate from your beer or other item specific beverages gives your home bar some variety; and
  • You have stylish security. If you put a lock on the fridge in your kitchen, then it won’t be long until someone from social services comes knocking on your door. You’re expected to lock up certain beverages. Modern est beverage coolers can give you that security if you want it, yet still give you better overall access to your favorite drinks.

How to choose a beverage cooler

The best beverage cooler reviews are your first stop in the selection process and this guide is going to help you find them. You need to find a cooler that can work with your current home bar setup.

If you purchased an appliance that is too large or too heavy for your current space, you’re either faced with a return that can take up a lot of time or you have the cost of adjusting your current home bar setup. Both can be avoided with a little pre-planning.

How to Find The Best Price

Getting a great discount on your beverage cooler or finding a reputable supplier’s outlet with friendly prices could lead to great savings. You should carry out careful research on the kind of features you need your cooler to have before hitting the shops. Find a supplier who has a large display room.

That allows you to really view what’s available at the retailer. When comparing prices, concentrate on the features to see if the portable beverage cooler is worth the cost. However, compare across brands too, since some brands could offer more features for the same amount of money.

You should see if you can negotiate the price. If you are buying several units, ask for discounts, or other sales perks. Some may even offer free delivery since you will save some on transportation costs. Also, be sure to look for used coolers but of good quality, as they require considerably less.

Beverage Cooler Features

There are many features that you should always be look out for when shopping for any product, even kegerator. A beverage cooler is no different.


Size should be a part of the initial planning process. If you plan regular events at your place you have to know that best beverage coolers can stock 150+ cans or bottles will let you satisfy the needs of everyone.

If your entertaining tends to be a few family members or close friends and that’s it, then a smaller unit will provide you with an affordable solution that still meets your needs. You are going to find that many appliances in this category have doors that are essentially giant windows. Many models have reversible doors as well.

What is less common, as a feature, is an anti-frost option. Let’s face it – if you’re in and out of your cooler a lot, then some frost will begin to build up. That can ruin some of the items you may be storing. The anti-frost option will help you maintain the integrity of your refrigerated environment.

Having removable racks is also a feature to think about having. Although it seems like you’d be limiting your storage space by taking out a rack or shelf, this feature lets you store unique items, like a 2-liter bottle, with ease. Automatic lighting is a feature to think about if you want a larger cooler and refrigerator as well.

Although smaller units don’t need this item because many of your stored items would be right there within reach, larger units can have bothersome shadows that make it difficult to see items which may be stored in the back. This feature eliminates that problem.


You should make sure you take some time to think about your exact preferences as far as temperature. You want to make sure your new unit, like any beer cooler, will cool your cans and bottles to your ideal temperature, so you’re happy with every drink.

Think about whether you like your drinks just below room temperature, or just above the freezing point. If you have a thermometer around the house, pop one in a perfect can to see what your ideal temperature is.

You will also want to think about the appropriate temperatures for the drinks you’ll be storing. For instance, darker beers like ales like warmer temperatures, while lagers are best chilled right down.

Most sodas are pretty hard to mess up, so you’ll want to think about exactly how you like it as opposed to what’s best for the drink. If you are planning to throw in some alcohol, you’ll want to think about how it should be stored as well as how you like to drink it.


As a whole, beverage coolers aren’t exactly the most reliable of appliances. They’re a bit hit or miss, and quality control isn’t very good for a lot of brands. That’s why it’s super important to buy a durable machine up front. We have gone out of our way to find reliable appliances to recommend for this guide, and we’re confident we’ve found the best options out there. These models have the most dependable compressor systems and the most consistent cooling results.

Those are the two big points you’ll want to cover on your beverage cooler. You can also look for more metal parts, like shelves, hinges, and handles, to make sure your unit will stand up to daily use. Look for LED lights, which last much longer than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.

One other tip: the compressor system is the most important part on your stainless steel beverage cooler. It’s also where most problems occur. To lessen your chances of running into issues, we recommend letting your new cooler stand upright for a few hours before you plug it in.

That allows all the cooling fluids to return to their proper pressure after being jostled around in the shipping process. Believe us, this can make a big difference in the working life and smoothness of your compressor!

Since even the best beverage coolers can have slightly iffy reliability, we’d recommend purchasing some additional warranty coverage when you buy. While these extended warranties can be unnecessary for some other appliances, beverage coolers are one case where it really makes sense to have some extra insurance.

Most models of best beverage coolers have one-year warranties from the manufacturer, which isn’t very long for a $200. We also like the Square-Trade style warranties because they give you some extra bargaining power against what can be a pretty frustrating customer support system with some companies.

Energy efficiency

You certainly do not want a large beverage cooler that comes with large electric bills at the end of the month. Given the fact that approximately 8% of the average monthly bill is due to a refrigerator. It is important to note that bigger fridges consume more energy, especially if the fridge is not full to maximum as extra energy is used to cool the empty space.


A good under counter beverage cooler should have a reversible door for convenience. The shelves should be easy to remove and replace, it should look and feel smooth to ease in cleaning, and preferable have a warning beep if the door is left open for too long. Also, go for beverage fridge that offers great flexibility.


You have a lot of options in this appliance category, which is nice because it means every home bar can take advantage of what best beverage coolers can provide no matter what the budget may be. Coolers are available from about $100 for a compact beverage cooler, to over $1,000 for a commercial beverage cooler, full-size unit with several compartments and multiple cooling systems.

Your cheapest options are countertop beverage coolers. They’re available from about $100 to $250. We’ve found that models under $200 are pretty unreliable, so we’d avoid them if you can.

Also remember that saving $50 is not a good deal if you’re going to have to spend another $150 again in a few months when your cheap unit dies an early death! We’d recommend spending at least $200 on one of the best beverage coolers. As a general rule, the more you pay, the better reliability you can expect.

The most expensive beverage coolers have precise, digital temperature controls. They use double-layered glass doors and other insulations to keep all the cool air inside the cooler, and make the machine more efficient. They’ll have the greatest range of temperatures to choose from, and give you the most storage space.

Top-shelf models also use more metal parts and have nicer fit and finish. You’ll pay the most for models that have two or three independent storage zones, each with its own temperature control.

Portable coolers

Portable mini beverage coolers can fit appropriately in your busy lifestyles, ideal for those who are on the go frequently. The thoughtful design of these coolers is essentially made to take small space at your bar. They are also ideal to take outdoors along with you. Their designs are sturdy and heavy-duty for keeping all the contents inside the box intact and cold for days.

So, if your wish list contains fishing, tailgate party or some big game hunting, they work as a true companion all the way through. The main idea behind the manufacture of these portable beverage coolers was to give you an experience of a small version of huge kitchen refrigerator outside.

It is a great way of keeping things cold on camping or road trips. For someone who is traveling more or is constantly driving, these best beverage coolers will keep several meals and drinks cool for a longer duration.


A beverage cooler makes for a great gift for anyone with a cluttered fridge or someone who loves having a variety of drinks in their home. Seeing your favorite drinks stacked up through the glass door will give you joy each and every time you look at it.

The best beverage coolers are convenient and they save you the trouble of running to the shop or the kitchen for another drink. When you throw a party, you can stock up and everyone can enjoy a tall frosty cold one.

Plus, you can put a wide range of drinks in your cooler, including wine, beer, water, soda, and juice, just to name a few. Allowing you to keep all your guests satisfied and hydrated.

These will also work well if you are living in a small studio apartment or perhaps even a college dorm room. Beverage coolers are perfect for small spaces.

Beverage coolers will help you make sure your cold beverages are the perfect temperature and even let you store a few extra goodies at the same time. This turns your home bar from good to great.

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